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XL Axiata - Alita Launched “JAGATARA” Solution for Early Stroke Detection
The JAGATARA solution delivers the latest and comprehensive detection technology to its users. Utilizing integrated devices, JAGATARA offers precise, real-time data for monitoring various health parameters, including patient history, risk levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and physical activity.

JAKARTA, MAY 30, 2024. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program "XL Axiata Peduli", PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata), in collaboration with Alita Praya Mitra (Alita), has introduced JAGATARA (Jiwa Raga Sehat Sejahtera), an early detection solution for stroke. This innovative solution features advanced detection capabilities, integrating technology and public health analysis on a unified platform. By emphasizing early stroke detection, JAGATARA plays a crucial role in preventing strokes, particularly among individuals with heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.


JAGATARA significantly enhances public health accessibility. Users can access their own health data and easily connect to a broader range of health services, promoting the #BeBetter (#JadiLebihBaik) initiative. This solution helps bridge the health access gap between urban and rural areas, as well as among various socio-economic groups. The launch of JAGATARA was made possible with the support and participation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes RI), local governments, health facility providers, and other partners.


During the launch event, XL Axiata's Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Feby Sallyanto, alongside the Director of Jati Padang Regional Hospital, Dr. Siti Ainun Dwiyanti, and witnessed by Alita Praya Mitra's Main Director, Teguh Prasetya, and the Director of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dr. Elvieda Sariwati, M.Epid, handed over the JAGATARA device to a patient at risk of stroke at Jati Padang Regional Hospital in South Jakarta on Thursday (30/5). This handover also marked the official launch of the JAGATARA solution.


Feby stated, "We are delighted to collaborate with Alita once again to innovate and develop various smart solutions by leveraging digital technology in the health sector. The launch of JAGATARA represents a concerted effort by XL Axiata and Alita to significantly raise public awareness about stroke prevention, a condition affecting many people. Accompanied by educational programs and efforts to encourage participation, we aim to make JAGATARA not just a tool and solution, but also a social movement."


On this occasion, Feby also extended his gratitude and appreciation to the Indonesian Ministry of Health and all related parties for their participation and support in launching this program for the wider community. It is hoped that JAGATARA will prove effective in reducing the number of stroke cases in Indonesia.


Teguh Prasetya, President Director of Alita Praya Mitra, remarked, "JAGATARA brings cutting-edge detection technology and comprehensive solutions within reach of its users. By utilizing devices that monitor various health parameters such as patient history, risk levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and physical activity, JAGATARA provides accurate and real-time data. This enables users to receive early warnings about their potential risk of stroke," he said.


Teguh added that JAGATARA not only provides warnings to users but also has the capability to integrate with local government command centers, ministries, or health service centers. This integration enables users to receive direct assistance and advice from relevant health authorities, enhancing response times in emergencies or situations requiring medical intervention.


Director of Jati Padang Regional Hospital, dr. Siti Ainun Dwiyanti, emphasized the importance of early detection in mitigating the bad effects of stroke. "JAGATARA represents an innovative solution aimed at improving the quality of life for stroke patients and those at risk. This aligns with Jati Padang Hospital's commitment to continuously enhance and strengthen our service quality for patients."


Dr. Siti Ainun further noted that utilizing digital technology advancements and improving early stroke detection, JAGATARA is expected to offer maximum protection to the community. Jati Padang Regional Hospital expressed its gratitude for the support from XL Axiata, Alita, and all parties involved in realizing these smart solutions for more effective stroke prevention and treatment.


The JAGATARA solution is implemented through tangible devices such as smartwatches worn on the patient's wrist. These devices feature measurements for blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, steps, and distance traveled, using smart wearable technology connected to the JAGATARA application on a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Currently, 450 units of the JAGATARA solution have been produced for use by at-risk stroke patients at Jati Padang Regional Hospital, South Jakarta. In the future, the JAGATARA solution will be implemented in several other cities across Indonesia.

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