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XL Axiata Supports Long-Distance Learning Thousands of Free Internet Packages Distributed for Students in South Sumatra and Jambi

Palembang, October 13th, 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) proceeds to distribute free internet packages to thousands of students in various regions to support distance learning (PJJ) programs. In collaboration with the Association of the Indonesian Provincial Communication and Informatics Services (ASKOMPSI) Cares for Education, XL Axiata distributed 300 thousand free internet packages for junior high and high school students in South Sumatra and 50 thousand packages for madrasah students in Jambi.


In South Sumatra, the handover was symbolically carried out at the Graha Bina Praja Building, the Office of the Governor of South Sumatra, Monday (12/10). The event was attended by the Governor of South Sumatra, H. Herman Deru, SH, MM, the Head of the South Sumatra Communication and Information Service H. Ahmad Rizwan, S. STP., MM, the Head of the South Sumatra Provincial Education Office Riza Pahlevi, and the XL Axiata West Region Group Head, Desy Sari Dewi.


Group Head of XL Axiata West Region, Desy Sari Dewi, said, “In accordance with the initial commitment, we will continue to support the government in the implementation of long-distance learning, by distributing internet access facilities and free data quota to students, to all those who attend public schools and madrasah. We hope that this assistance can be distributed evenly throughout Sumatra and the surrounding islands. Apart from distributing this internet package, XL Axiata also ensures the maximum quality of data and internet services for the smooth running of PJJ.”


Following her statement, Desy said each of these given internet packages consists of an XL Axiata SIM card with a data quota of 85 GB with a validity period of two months. The mechanism for channeling this free data quota package into the hands of students and teachers will be carried out based on coordination with the Education Office and the local Provincial Ministry of Religion and recipient schools/madrasahs. The distribution of this donation will be done by prioritizing underprivileged students who need internet access for online learning activities.


Meanwhile, the handover and distribution of free internet packages for Jambi madrasah students were symbolically carried out by the Territory Sales Manager for the XL Axiata Jambi area, Haris Alfa Riski to the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Jambi Province, Drs. H. Muhamad. M. Pd. I in Jambi. This free internet package assistance will then be distributed to every city/district in Jambi. Throughout Jambi, there are around a total of 1,161 Madrasah Tsanawiyah and Aliyah, with a total of no less than 134,727 students.


To be utilized as soon as possible


Desy Sari Dewi hopes that this free internet package assistance from XL Axiata can be immediately distributed to the students. Thus, the help of this internet provider can immediately be utilized to its full potential. She also instructed an XL Axiata team to monitor the effectiveness of the aid utilization. In addition, the XL Axiata team will also help if there are technical problems faced by students or the school.


“I also urge students or their parents to immediately activate the aid package. Without a doubt, we guarantee the SIM card and the quota on it are completely free. Especially if the case is where students have not registered their numbers at Dapodik, despite their regions, or cities assistance from the government data will be provided through the numbers registered at Dapodik. We ask for help from the teachers at school to be willing to remind the students about this,” continued Desy.


With the free internet package from XL Axiata, students will be able to use applications that are also commonly used by teachers to send learning materials and send assignments, such as Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, and Google Classroom. In addition, you can also access Udemy, the Ruang Guru, Zenius, Sekolahmu, as well as access to the Kemendikbud Learning Center on the website and Spada Indonesia Kemendikbud at or

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