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XL Axiata, Maju Terus Untuk Indonesia !!

Entering October, XL Axiata celebrates its anniversary. On October 8th, 2020, XL Axiata will turn 24 years old. For the size of a telecommunications company that is very dynamic, this is a very ripe age. Moreover, in fact, for about 24 years, the Indonesian and global cellular telecommunications industry has developed until now. So, XL Axiata has experienced almost all developments that occur in the cellular telecommunications industry. We can begin to remember when SIM cards were very rare and sold for hundreds of thousands, and cellphones were owned by limited circles. At that time, XL Axiata services were only present in several big cities with the best network quality, which was very popular with business people.


We can also use the development of the cellular telecommunications industry and then to internet services and digital products as an indicator of how advanced a country is. The logic is easy. A country that builds telecommunications infrastructure means that it will have a means of accelerating the development of the country. As we can witness, all developed countries that exist today are obliged to have excellent telecommunication and digital infrastructure. This fair infrastructure will encourage the presence of innovative services that are able to provide solutions to various needs of the community to be more productive.


As a telecommunication and internet service operator, as of now, XL Axiata is required to be able to serve the wider community and also support the government, in the midst of a pandemic that is still threatening. Internet service is very crucial for anyone. Almost all community activities have now been transferred to digital format. People might think this is a business opportunity for us. But in reality, what we think about is more than a matter of business profit. This means we have a very heavy responsibility.


In order to interpret XL Axiata’s 24th anniversary, we created the message “Maju Terus Untuk Indonesia”. That message is also our way of motivating Indonesians, whoever they are. Pandemics cannot always be a reason for us not to improve at any activity. We can take advantage of the various digital services available to get solutions to existing problems and then return to be productive. However, we need to be grateful, how lucky we are to be in Indonesia, to have telecommunication and digital infrastructure that is quite advanced when a pandemic occurs at these dire times.


XL Axiata, Maju Terus Untuk Indonesia !!


Dian Siswarini

President Director & CEO

  • Sustainability & CSR