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Our Commitment
Supporting Indonesian women to grow and improve their lives through the use of the internet and technology towards industry 4.0
Our Goal
In 2024, we aim to encourage 1 million Indonesian women SMEs to go digital.
Programs & Contributions
Women together to inspire each other, share knowledge, and learn how the internet and technology can help their businesses grow.
Digital Literacy Class
Encourage women to build digital skills, get inspired, and connect with each other through digital literacy classes.
Smart Corner
A study room for Indonesian women, creates opportunities with easy access to communication technology.
Smart Modul
The education module is in the form of audio and video which contains various topics from experts for Indonesian women.
Sisternet Application
Instant access to get the latest articles and information in one click
Creative Inspirative Class
Through digital literacy programs, women in digitally isolated communities obtain information and skills
The program is aimed at supporting Indonesian women to become more successful and grow into digital entrepreneurs in the future.
What They Said
We will always support #GlobalGoals and we believe that cellular networks have an important role to play in this journey. We ensure that connectivity is the key to helping realize 17 targets by 2030. Together we will lead to a better future