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Sustainability Pillars

Our Framework

Inspired by our commitment to SDG’s, XL Axiata initiate sustainability act guided by our 4 P’s of Sustainability: Driving Company’s Purposes, Nurturing People, Process Excellence, and Planet & Society. Our 4P’s of Sustainability act as guiding principles in delivering values and establish a better society.

Driving Company Purpose

Our goal as a company is to build a safety environment in any place where we can operate. XL Axiata providing the innovative programs and build a digital ecosystem as a bridge of knowledge in the society.

Laut Nusantara
Quota Donation

Nurturing People

People are the biggest asset for the future. In XL Axiata, nurturing future leaders becomes part of our DNA in being a responsible company. We believe that by establishing quality leaders, we will be able to deliver Indonesia to compete in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

XL Future Leaders
XL Youth Leadership Camp

Process Exellence

The process of digitizing Indonesia is rigorous and challenging. But we believe that access to internet and data connectivity is everyone’s right. And through the excellence process of digitalization, we can bring Indonesia to the next level.

Digital Way of Work
XMART Donation
XMART Villagers

Planet & Society

In XL Axiata, we believe that we are responsible to make the environment where we operate become better. It involves not only initiatives to run environmental friendly campaign, but also initiatives to support increment in human life quality, which can lead to better society.

Green BTS
No Plastic Campaign