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Happy New Year 2020!
In line with modern tradition, as we enter the new year, we have come up with a "resolution" to outline our goals in 2020. Being a business institution that provides telecommunication and data services to tens of millions of customers, we have to make a "resolution" each year, which we set out in a strategic and measurable business plan. We must always carry out quality improvements, based on considerations of the customers’ needs or demands, and also business necessities.

XL Axiata’s services depends very much on the rapid advancement of digital technology. We should always adopt the latest of these technological advances in our offering of services to customers. From the customers’ point of view, they will always demand quality services, both in terms of convenience and innovation which brings even more benefits. Therefore, our commitment to continuously improve the quality of service is an absolute requirement that we must always do with the trust from our customers.

Rapidly increasing traffic across almost all of XL Axiata’s services is proof of that trust. As of the end of September 2019, service traffic increased by 56 % compared to the same period the year before. Likewise, the number of our customers has risen to 55.5 million. During the Christmas and New Year 2020 holiday season, there was a surge in traffic for all types of data services. Traffic of services increased up to 77%. These achievements figures are indicative of at least two things.

Firstly, they show that customers and the public enjoy using our two brands, XL and Axis. This is the result of our hard work to continue improving customer service quality. Secondly, they show the demand from customers and the public. In this case, they are satisfied by XL Axiata service because it meets their expectations by providing good service quality, and/ or benefits, such as increasing productivity.

We have prepared a number of plans to improve service quality throughout this year. One of the main plans is improving quality of data network. We will continue network fiberization to all service area. Fiberization will increase the capacity of existing network, as well as being one of the prerequisites of 5G service in the future. 

XL Axiata will also continue to expand 4G data network to areas that are still beyond reach, including completely new areas. We will make use of the Palapa Ring backbone network and the Universal Service Obligation (USO) program in order to reach remote areas in Eastern Indonesia, and many other outermost areas. XL Axiata also continues to prepare for 5G while waiting the government’s official policy for its implementation. This year will likely see more 5G trials.

Our other plan for 2020 is to increase the value of benefits of existing products, as well as to create innovative new products. We will increase the value of benefits by tailoring them to suit the needs of customers and various segments of the public.

We are strongly committed to carry out everything listed in XL Axiata’s “resolution” for 2020. Of course, we also hope to support customers and the people of Indonesia in realizing their own “resolutions”.

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