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Prepaid Customers Can Now Access Their Favorite Streaming & Video Applications More Freely

Jakarta, July 16th, 2020. In response to the needs of the community during this pandemic, PT XL Axiata (XL Axiata) continues to provide services that are in line with customer expectations. One of these efforts is by presenting new features included in the XTRA UNLIMITED TURBO package, which applies specifically to XL prepaid customers. This new feature provides additional benefits for customers in accessing streaming platforms and video applications without restrictions on quota and speed. This latest feature has taken effect nationally starting from Tuesday, July 14th, 2020.


XL Axiata Group Head Mass Segment, Bernard Ho Swee Keong said, "The Covid-19 Pandemic obliges people to spend more time at home, although they still have to study and work. To overcome the mass boredom that arises, they need access to entertainment, including films and videos. We've seen an increase in access to movie streaming and video service provider applications during this pandemic. Accessing video or streaming applications, including conference or virtual meeting platforms, is the service most widely used by the public. Currently, traffic has reached over 60% compared to previous traffic.”


The development of the XTRA UNLIMITED TURBO feature for XL prepaid is also one of the company's latest initiatives, by combining data analytics and digitalization in analyzing consumption patterns and community needs during this pandemic. Benard added to his statement that previously, XTRA UNLIMITED TURBO only allowed XL prepaid customers to access their needs within a selective number of applications. Through this latest development, XL Axiata have given customers the freedom to choose any streaming platforms and video applications they wish. This allows customers to gain more control for applications that they use frequently. The personalized feature from this product is something that is offered to prepaid XL customers.


Within this new XTRA UNLIMITED TURBO feature development, XL prepaid customers can still access the movie and streaming applications of their choice without any quota and speed limits, even when the main quota has run out. There are various choices of streaming applications both films and videos that can be selected by prepaid XL customers, namely, Youtube, Netflix, Viu, Iflix, and Video. Prepaid XL customers have been able to access this latest service starting from July 14th, 2020, on the myXL application.


For those who are not yet XL prepaid subscribers, they can visit retail outlets throughout Indonesia to get special offers. For further information, customers can visit XL Axiata’s official website (


To provide the best service quality and experience in accessing this latest service, XL Axiata continues to expand and improve the quality of its’ network throughout Indonesia. Up until the end of March 2020, XL Axiata has over 133,000 BTS, of which more than 43,000 BTS are 4G BTS. XL Axiata‘s 4G network is available and is currently serving customers in 449 cities/districts spread across various regions in Indonesia.

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