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Implementing the MCCM Platform XL Axiata - Tokopedia Collaboration Improves Service to Customers

Jakarta, November 17th, 2020 - PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to strive to improve service quality to customers to be able to drive sales. Adjusting to people's shopping trends through digital channels, XL Axiata, in collaboration with Tokopedia, implements the Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) platform, which can provide product offerings based on each customer's profile. The application of this innovative technology also considers the security and protection side of customers' data.


Octavia Kurniawan, Chief Sales Officer of XL Axiata, said, "XL Axiata will continue to search for opportunities to improve service quality to customers by utilizing innovations in the latest technology, including in the sales sector. We are very aware that if customers get many conveniences to access XL Axiata products, including how to get products that suit their needs, it will ultimately increase sales”.


Octavia continued, XL Axiata became the first operator to implement MCCM in the e-commerce channel, in collaboration with Tokopedia. Therefore, this is a breakthrough in the Telecommunication Industry in terms of marketing. Furthermore, XL Axiata also hopes that the implementation of an innovative platform in collaboration with Tokopedia, a technology company made in Indonesia, will also be one solution in a very challenging time during this pandemic.


MCCM will allow every XL Axiata customer to get product offers that suit their needs on Tokopedia. Not only that, but customers also have the opportunity to earn attractive promos in terms of prices and even tailored to their needs. MCCM can identify customer needs based on usage data for XL Axiata service products. Because of that, this innovative system can distinguish the needs of each customer that are different from one another. In regular sales, even if there is a promo, the customer does not necessarily get a promo product that suits customer needs.


Tokopedia's Product Senior Lead, Yosep Susanto, said, "The collaboration between Tokopedia and XL Axiata is in line with our commitment to #SelaluAdaSelaluBisa" in making people's lives easier. The hope is that people can get various XL Axiata digital products, including pulses and data packages, through the use of technology that is more personalized and according to user needs. "


In an all-digital era which is also full of competition between the same service providers, a solution that can provide convenience to customers will have a significant impact. Moreover, the Indonesian people are also getting used to the various amenities presented by the digital world. Therefore, XL Axiata will continue to adapt by providing various facilities and attractive innovations for customers as much as possible.


To get special offers through Tokopedia, customers only need to open the data package purchase page on Tokopedia, then automatically the promo product offers that are suitable for the customer's MSISDN will appear on the data package page. Customers select the promo and check out / pay.

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