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XL HOME – AirConsole Partnership
Now XL HOME Users Can Play Games on TV Only With Smartphones!

Jakarta, May 29th , 2020, To continue providing the best and holistic home entertainment services for XL HOME customers, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to make new breakthroughs in collaboration with leading home entertainment service providers. One of XL Axiata's latest collaborations is with AirConsole, a Swiss-based social gaming company, to provide game services that can be played by customers using a television.


Abhijit Navalekar, Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development XL Axiata said, "One of the things that is desired by anyone who plays the game is its excitement. In addition to playing games with friends, excitement will also be present if we can play it on a large monitor screen, at least as big as a television screen at home. Our collaboration with AirConsole allows customers who are also gamers to play the games they like on their television screens at home, even though they are not smart TVs or having a gaming console. "


According to Abhijit, XL HOME Entertainment Box with the latest Android technology, is able to turn ordinary customers' televisions into smart TVs that can access high-quality entertainment shows from various world-class entertainment content providers. With the presence of AirConsole service in XL HOME, customers can also play AirConsole games on their television. To be able to access the AirConsole application, XL HOME customers can simply access the AirConsole application that is already installed in the XL HOME Entertainment Box, then after that the customer only has to choose and connect with the customer's smartphone that has also been installed the AirConsole mobile application.


Introducing this new way of gaming, XL HOME and AirConsole offer a month of free access to XL HOME customers to be able to play all of the games on AirConsole until July 3, 2020. After the offer ends and the customer still wants to play some games, the customer will be asked to subscribe to AirConsole Hero. However, there are still a few AirConsole games, which can be played for free with family or friends. The AirConsole mobile application can be downloaded via the Google Play Store for Android-based operations and Apple Store for iOS-based operations. With the ongoing learning activities at home and working from home, XL Axiata hopes that the presence of the game service from AirConsole will add entertainment channels that can be enjoyed by families while they are at home.


“With AirConsole, operators with Android TV can provide a console experience, and that without shipping any additional hardware to their customers.” says Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer at AirConsole. “We are very excited to expand our partnerships in APAC (Asia Pacific), where our product already has a large AirConsole fan base. XL Home is not only a great match because of their belief in the technology provided by Google with Android TV, but because they are an innovative content provider in the region.” 


AirConsole Hero free access period is also supported by XL HOME and RAN - a well-known Indonesia music group - collaboration to ask people stay at home to break the COVID-19 distribution chain, by offering Paket Dari Hati for IDR 299rb / month for speeds up to 100Mbps.

XL HOME provides fiber optic home internet services that are super fast and stable at very affordable prices. The XL HOME internet package is also equipped with XL HOME Entertainment Box with the latest Android technology. This technology can transform a customer's regular TV into a smart TV that can access high-quality entertainment shows from our world-class partners, such as Netflix, CATCHPLAY +, iflix, as well as national and international channels through the Vidio application, to Youtube and various applications on Google Playstore .


In addition to the Paket Dari Hati promo, there are three variations of XL HOME subscription packages, namely the Family package at a price of IDR 349,000, the Super User package at a price of IDR 499,000, and the Ultimate package at a price of IDR 999,000, with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, without limits. With quality access like that, allows customers to be able to access, send and download data with large sizes, streaming music, videos and movies, to play online games without obstacles.


From the network side, the expansion of the network coverage area continues to be carried out according to plan, specifically in the Greater Jakarta area, currently XL HOME has built a fiber optic network that has reached more than 300,000 homes and is ready to be connected to the XL HOME Entertainment Box service. The development of this coverage area is a response to the increasing interest of the community in being able to get faster and more stable internet services through fiber broadband at home. Aside from the Greater Jakarta area, the reach of XL HOME has also served other cities, both in Java and outside Java, namely in the cities of Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Makassar, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin and Banjarbaru. This month XL Home will be expanding the coverage to several cities in Indonesia such as: Bandung, Surabaya, Malang and Solo.

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