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XL Axiata Zero Touch Operation Catalyst

In collaboration with partners, XL Axiata has actively participated and contributed to the Global Telecommunication Forum - TM Forum, a global alliance of 850+ companies working together to break down technological and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultants, and systems integrators. To serve its purpose, TM Forum initiated Catalyst, a collaboration project with its global members to bring best practices and best standards to apply in everyday life. XL Axiata was in the spotlight and recognized for its Zero Touch Operations initiative, submitted to Catalyst Project at the TM Forum.


As one of the largest telco companies operates in one of the largest markets (Indonesia), XL Axiata operates a complex multi-Vendor ecosystem that interoperates in single, cross-domain telco and IT environments. By managing and participating in this ecosystem, XL Axiata level its capacity in optimizing the latest technologies to ensure best customer's service.


The company is essentially responsible for ensuring internet & mobile service accessibility, availability and reliability through its multi-vendor ecosystem, incurring various challenges which we are addressing in this Catalyst, including:


  1. Handles an average of +9000 requests alteration per month
  2. Routine operations & maintenance activities across 1,000s of service impacting events
  3. Collection of massive information on passive & active inventory
  4. Collection of actionable capacity data to satisfy demand & optimize the costs
  5. Dynamic products development to market the end-user


The super-complex level of engagement requires human-intensive responsibilities, potentially lead to significant amount of service outages that disrupt all vital aspects of our end-users' lives, including their work, schooling, browsing, and even praying from home. No matter how robust the Standard Operating Procedure and Processes, errors do occur due to the nature of the ecosystem and interoperability challenges.


For this reason, XL Axiata believes that Autonomous Operations is the ultimate solution and championing the Zero-Touch Operations (ZTO) Catalyst to automate most of the company operations' repetitive and tedious tasks to enhance overall productivity.


We are leveraging the power of AI and advancement in technologies to transform the way operations work - collecting, analyzing, processing, predicting, recommending, and solving the issues in the network and IT with minimum human intervention.


We believe this ZTO approach optimizes the human resources & operating costs while also improving the user experience by reducing the number and length of outages and satisfying the Network & IT capacity demand promptly.


XL Axiata has registered Zero Touch Operation Catalyst in tmforum in the beginning of 2021 and became one OpCo of Axiata to participate in the project.  By participating in the forum, we are showcasing XL Axiata and Axiata’s campaign to embrace Autonomous Operations by leveraging AI/ML in the upcoming tmform event ''Digital Transformation World Series|2021''. The event is scheduled for mid-October where the best catalyst winner is to be announced.

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