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Supporting Bali’s Tourism & Economic Recovery XL Axiata’s Network is Ready to Serve “Work From Bali” Activities

Denpasar, 7 June 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures that its network in Bali is in prime condition and is ready to support customers who want to carry out “Work From Bali” activities. During the pandemic, XL Axiata continues to maintain network quality throughout Bali, and is always ready to support various efforts to restore tourism and regional economies in Indonesia. Currently, the network in Bali has reached all regencies/cities on the Island of the Gods, which are supported by more than 6,500 BTS, around 2,500 of which are 4G BTS.


Regional Group Head of XL Axiata East Region, Dodik Ariyanto said, “Bali, which is very popular worldwide as a global tourist destination, has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic within the last year. Regardless of this, XL Axiata still maintains the quality of its network and services throughout the Island of the Gods. We continue to maintain our services because apart from tourists, the number of customers from the local community is also quite large at more than 1.9 million. We would gladly welcome parties who are relocated to Bali to work from home, so that they can contribute to improving tourism conditions here.”


According to Dodik, XL Axiata has been continuing to increase network capacity by upgrading BTS and transmission capacity as well as fiberization throughout the island of Bali. Since last year, data network utilization in Bali has been around 69%, which means that there is still enough capacity to accommodate a traffic increase of up to around 30% when tourists start to return. Throughout Bali, around 42% of XL Axiata BTS has been fiberized so that the quality of the existing data network strongly supports the community’s needs of data access, including access to large-capacity data services. Therefore, the XL Axiata network in most areas of Bali is ready for work activities that require a fast and stable connection, including downloading or uploading large capacity data.


In some of the most popular tourist areas of Bali, XL Axiata specifically ensures a quality network. In Nusa Dua, the XL Axiata network is supported by around 48 4G BTS and 48 3G BTS, in Sanur around 30 BTS, Kuta around 66 BTS, Gianyar around 74 BTS, Ubud around 19 BTS, Tanah Lot around 6 BTS, and Denpasar more than 345 BTS. If required, XL Axiata will prepare Mobile BTS as back-up to strengthen its network. With the available capacity and infrastructure, XL Axiata is optimistic that it will be able to provide optimal telecommunications and data services.


Almost all areas of Bali have become tourist destinations, and XL Axiata is also trying to ensure that all tourist areas there are served with good quality data networks. Therefore, no matter which area tourists decide to work from Bali, our network is ready to serve them. In addition, we also have a number of product options that can be tailored to the needs of working remotely. Likewise, in regards to customer service, we have an XL Center in Bali that is ready to serve customer needs, whatever that may be,” continued Dodik.


Several XL Axiata service products have the benefit of UNLIMITED CALLS AND SMS to XL and AXIS numbers and can be used to support work from Bali. For XL customers, there is a HotrodSpecial package starting from 3 GB for an active period of 10 days at the price of Rp 10,000. There is also an Xtra Combo Lite starting from 8 GB for an active period of 30 days at the price of Rp 30,000. With this package, people can enjoy access to various applications such as WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, YouTube and Netflix. For postpaid services, XL Prioritas offers several superior products with large quotas and affordable prices.


Of course, these XL products can also be used by customers who are domiciled in Bali. In addition, there is also the AXIS BOY package which is well-known among the student segment. This product offers a choice of quotas starting from 3 GB for an active period of 60 days at the price of Rp 10,000. Customers can enjoy various bonus quotas for education purposes such as Udemy, Ruang Guru, Zenius, and Sekolahmu, as well as conference quotas such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, and Google Classroom. In addition, there is also a game and even a Tiktok quota.


All of these packages can be obtained at more than 4,400 phone credit or pulsa stores spread throughout the province of Bali. The public can also go directly to the XL Center at Jl. Sunset Road 818, Kuta, Badung or the dealer office of PT. Selular Global Net, which is located at Jl. Mahendradata No 8XX, West Denpasar and PT.Komunika Mitra Perkasa at Jl. By Pass Ir.Soekarno No 88A-B, Kediri, Tabanan. In addition, internet cards from XL and AXIS are also available in various supermarkets, modern channels, and various other marketplaces.

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