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Smoothen the “Haul Akbar Guru Sekumpul” Event XL Axiata Strengthens Network in Banjar Regency
XL Axiata has also strengthened the network around the event area. There are more than 60 BTS that directly cover the location of the Haul Akbar Guru Sekumpul this year.

Martapura, 24 January 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) is specifically preparing telecommunications and data networks to support the smooth running of the "18th Haul Guru Sekumpul" agenda which will culminate on 26 January 2023, in Keramat Village, East Martapura, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan. To meet the needs of the community and participants in the annual agenda which is usually attended by hundreds of thousands to a million residents of South Kalimantan, XL Axiata has prepared sufficient network capacity in Banjar Regency and its surroundings.


XL Axiata Acting Regional Group Head for Kalimantan, Horas Lubis, said, "XL Axiata has prepared sufficient network capacity to strengthen the quality of data services around the implementation location, including by upgrading BTS capacity at a number of points in Banjar Regency, especially Martapura. To ensure the quality of service, our technical team will be on standby throughout the event. At the event location, we also opened a service area to make it easier for the public to get XL Axiata products or just to consult or inquire about our services."


According to Horas Lubis, XL Axiata has also strengthened the network around the event area. There are more than 60 BTS that directly cover the location of the “Haul Akbar Guru Sekumpul” this year. XL Axiata hopes that the network strengthening that has been carried out can support the smooth running of the event and meet customer needs at the event location and its surroundings. Moreover, “Haul Guru Sekumpul“ is a moment that all Muslims from all over Indonesia, especially South Kalimantan, have been eagerly waiting for.


Every year the “Haul Akbar Guru Sekumpul” agenda is always packed with more than 1 million worshipers from various cities and districts in South Kalimantan. They were present to commemorate the death of the charismatic cleric from Martapura, South Kalimantan, KH Zaini Abdul Ghani, known as Guru Sekumpul.


In South Kalimantan, XL Axiata has a 4G network infrastructure that has reached 141 districts, in 13 existing cities/regencies with a total of more than 2,200 4G BTS. There are more than 1.2 million subscribers, of which 87% are 4G subscribers. Every year there is a significant increase in data service traffic. Throughout 2022, there was an increase in data traffic of up to 27%.


In the last few years, XL Axiata has taken strategic steps by expanding and improving the quality of data networks, especially 4G outside Java. This policy will continue this year. XL Axiata's 4G services are currently available in 425 cities/regencies. XL Axiata also continues to invest in network fiberization to serve data traffic which continues to increase rapidly. In addition, investments in transmission, backhaul, network modernization and other network enhancements to serve data traffic growth so as to provide stability to connections, expand network capacity, and improve the quality of data services in general are also being made.


Service Promos


To support the smooth running of the 18th Haul Guru Sekumpul in South Kalimantan, XL Axiata has provided a number of products that can be utilized by the community and participants. 


From XL prepaid services, there is Xtra Combo Flex with quota variants ranging from 3GB to 66GB. This service is equipped with several benefit options for customers, namely unlimited turbo bonuses, main quota bonuses, Vidio Premium access bonuses and Youtube quota bonuses.


From the AXIS prepaid service, there is AXIS Bronet with quota variants of 3GB to 35GB. This superior service from AXIS has been equipped with starter pack active period of up to 60 days.


Meanwhile, from the XL Prioritas postpaid service, several package options are available for customers and the people of South Kalimantan, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond up to Ultima with prices starting from IDR 145,000 per 2 months. This service offers a variety of benefit options such as unlimited data quota, free calls/SMS and cashback roaming passes. For customers who use the pay later payment method with a credit card, they can enjoy data quota benefits of up to 80GB. Meanwhile, customers who prefer full control over the package they choose can use the upfront payment method.


All of these services can be obtained at XL Center outlets located on General Ahmad Yani Road KM 1.5 number 30A, Sungai Baru, Central Banjarmasin District, Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan or by visiting credit shops spread across Banjarmasin City, Banjarbaru up to Banjar Regency.

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