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Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr XL Axiata 4G Network Ready to Serve the People of South Sulawesi
Currently, in South Sulawesi Province, XL Axiata's 4G network has reached more than 2,380 villages in 246 districts. The network has also covered most of the Makassar - Parepare railway line which was recently inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Makassar, 30 March 2023.  PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures 4G network performance in all areas of South Sulawesi. Strengthening of the data network continues throughout the year as part of XL Axiata's efforts to ensure optimal customer service, including during the long Eid holiday season. Currently, in South Sulawesi Province, XL Axiata's 4G network has reached more than 2,380 villages in 246 districts. The network has also covered most of the Makassar - Parepare railway line which was recently inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.


XL Axiata's Chief Corporate Affairs, Marwan O. Baasir, said, "Sulawesi is one of the special regions for XL Axiata. Over the past two years, we have been intensively developing and strengthening networks and fiberization in Sulawesi. As a result, the level of customer satisfaction increases as indicated by a significant increase in traffic. Data traffic throughout Sulawesi continues to increase by 170% in the last two years.”


Meanwhile, XL Axiata East Region Group Head, Dodik Ariyanto, added, the network strengthening that XL Axiata did in South Sulawesi was not only to anticipate traffic spikes during the Eid long holiday but indeed network strengthening was continuously carried out to all service areas along with an increase in telecommunication and data traffic. Network strengthening also covers tourist areas in South Sulawesi as well as an effort to support the smooth running of the tourism program being promoted by the government.


According to Dodik, improving the quality of data networks in South Sulawesi in general is indeed a necessity to support the incessant digitalization in various sectors. On the other hand, the provision of a 4G network in this province is also to meet the needs of the community in increasing their digital literacy so that they are able to adapt to digitalization that is occurring in various fields, both social and business and government. Sufficient digital literacy will enable them to be able to access and utilize available digital services.


In the last two years, data traffic in South Sulawesi has grown by more than 50%. Currently, the total number of subscribers is more than 1.2 million, served by more than 4,800 BTS, including around 3,200 4G BTS. This shows that the 4G network there is optimally utilized by local residents. Therefore, XL Axiata has continued to add 4G BTS to as many as 413 units in the last two years. The areas with the highest traffic were Makassar City, Bone Regency, Sidenreng Rappang Regency, Maros Regency, and Bulukumba Regency.


In terms of business, with a population of more than 9 million people, South Sulawesi has quite a potential as a market for XL Axiata service products, both for individual and MSMEs services. To seize the market, XL Axiata ensures network and service quality throughout South Sulawesi.


"We are aware that currently, only service quality will be able to increase customer loyalty and appeal to the wider community because quality service will be able to provide benefits to support productive activities. For this reason, we will continue to build data networks, both for expansion and for improvement of signal quality," continued Dodik.


XL Axiata Social Action for the Community



In this month of Ramadan, XL Axiata Peduli is holding two programs, namely ‘XL Axiata Peduli Paket Berbuka’, in the form of distributing iftar food packages for the underprivileged, with a coupon exchange system. This program works with the Benihbaik Foundation and local partners such as rice stalls and community residents who aim to help local MSMEs.


The second program is ‘XL Axiata Peduli Sembako’ for Islamic Boarding Schools, by buying from local MSMEs. The target recipients are Islamic boarding schools spread across Agam Regency, West Sumatra, Batam City, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi, Makassar City, Surabaya City, Yogyakarta City, Bandung City, Jakarta City and Bogor Regency, West Java.


XL Axiata is committed to continuing to increase its contribution to society through beneficial and sustainable programs, one of which is through social sharing activities that have been carried out for years through company programs, including the ‘XL Axiata Baik’ Program. This program is implemented in different cities to help people in need. Through this program, XL Axiata employees do not only focus on work areas but can contribute more to the country. Management also wants to create a culture of employees caring for the surrounding environment and hopefully, this good thing can inspire and create a domino effect for other good things that are useful.


The XL Axiata Baik program has been running since 2021, various program activities have been carried out to help communities in various regions, such as the Indonesia Bangkit Vaccination Center (SVIB), donations, blood donations, teaching employees, house renovations, building roads, building mosques, procuring water depots, building bridges to donating internet access and laptops for Islamic boarding schools and general schools.


In 2023, the XL Axiata Baik program has done several things, including in January 2023, watching XL Axiata employees together with orphans in Bogor, routine blood donation activities every 3 months by XL Axiata employees in Medan, blood collected will be donated to children with cancer. In March 2023, XL Axiata employees taught at Luwuk, a blood donation program by XL Axiata employees in Jakarta.


XL Axiata also goes through the ‘XL Axiata Peduli’ program which is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to help people who need assistance, such as the flood disaster in Lahat, West Lampung, Aceh, and send healthy food to stunting prevention programs in several villages across Indonesia.



XL Satu Fiber Intensive in Sulawesi


XL Satu Fiber is increasingly intensive in expanding XL Satu Fiber services in Sulawesi. XL Satu Fiber is the first convergence product in Indonesia. During Ramadan, XL Satu Fiber presents several promos that can be enjoyed by XL Satu Fiber customers:



  1. Speed upgrade Ramadan promo for new customers.


·             Only by 276 thousand/month customers get unlimited fiber home internet with a speed upgrade from 30Mbps to 50 Mbps for 6 months and a shared cell phone quota of 15GB for one family in one bill. Various other interesting packages can be seen at the website

Shared cell phone quota applies for customers of XL and XL Prioritas.

  • Subscription Bonuses of Vidio Platinum and Catchplay+ Movie Lovers for 12 months
  • Subscription Bonuses of Lionsgate Play for 3 months
  • Free installation and devices rental fee included XL Home Entertainment Box (STB)
  • Promo period of 23 March – 30 April 2023


  1. For customers of XL Satu Fiber there are new features and partner content.


Now the cellphone quota with XL Satu Fiber can also be enjoyed by XL Prioritas customers, to get it is very easy, just register your XL Prioritas number or your family's in the myXL application on your XL Satu Fiber account. Not only that, now entertainment at home is even more exciting with Lionsgate Play which can be accessed on the XL Home Entertainment Box (STB), customers can watch a variety of world-class Box Office shows.

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