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XL Axiata Presents 5G Network at the G20 DMM Belitung Meeting Venue
Belitung is one of XL Axiata's winning areas, with the largest market share since more than 10 years ago. With the G20 International Development Ministerial Meeting (DMM) event in Belitung, XL Axiata deliberately presents 5G networks and services to show customers and the local community its readiness to provide high-speed internet services.

Belitung, 6 September 2022. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) presents 5G services to support the G20 Development Ministerial Meeting (DMM) event in Belitung, 7-9 September 2022. XL Axiata has activated the 5G network at a number of points such as the event venue at the Sheraton Hotel, Jalan Pantai Penarikan Dusun Timur Jaya, Tanjung Binga, Belitung Island and H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin International Airport. For XL Axiata, this 5G network support is also an effort to show the seriousness of preparing 5G services in the future, as part of providing the fastest internet service for customers and the public "XL Axiata Ada Untuk Indonesia”.


The Group Head of XL Axaita for West Region, Desy Sari Dewi, said, “Belitung is one of XL Axiata's winning areas, with the largest market share since more than 10 years ago. With the DMM G20 international event in Belitung, we deliberately present 5G networks and services here to show our customers and the local community that XL Axiata is getting ready to deliver the 5G service. Of course, we also hope that our 5G service will be able to make the G20 DMM Belitung event a success, which will increase Indonesia's reputation in the eyes of the world community."


Desy added that from a technical point of view, the 5G network in Belitung uses existing frequencies through dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS). To enjoy this 5G service, the meeting participants or the public at the service location need to use a 5G smartphone and a sim card equipped with a uSIM. This 5G service presents the advantages of high-speed internet and data access with lower latency and a higher number of connection densities than 4G. This capability will significantly assist documentation and transmission of data in the form of documents, photos, and videos, as well as broadcasting activities usually required at large international meetings.


22 delegate countries are scheduled to attend this G20 event in Belitung. The DMM itself is part of the 2022 G20 Indonesia Presidency series, chaired by the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas as the focal point for representatives of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.



Network strengthening in Bangka Belitung


In addition to presenting the 5G network, XL Axiata is also strengthening the 4G network in Bangka Belitung Province, considering that the G20 DMM meeting is a momentum for the regional government and the provincial community to revive the local tourism sector. It is hoped that the delegates from the meeting, both from within and outside the country, will also travel to Bangka Belitung. For this reason, network strengthening has been carried out, including optimization, fiberization, expansion of coverage, and increasing network capacity in strategic locations and leading tourist destinations.


In fact, XL Axiata continues to strengthen the network in Bangka Belitung throughout the year, given the increasing service traffic. Since the beginning of 2022, or since the Covid-19 pandemic subsided, traffic has increased by around 110%. The increase in traffic is believed to continue in line with the enactment of travel easing which is expected to increase tourist and business visits in this province. Furthermore, the increase in productive activities and community digital literacy also increases the use of XL Axiata services.


The total number of XL Axiata 4G BTS in the 'Bumi Laskar Pelangi' also continues to increase. To date, the total number of 4G BTS has reached around 2,100 units, which serve all regions in Bangka Belitung Province. The number of XL Axiata subscribers reaches 600 thousand customers in all provinces, including subscribers in Belitung Regency of around 144 thousand subscribers.


Some areas that are currently under construction to improve the XL Axiata network, include Manggar, Gantung, Tanjung Pandan, Simpang Renggiang, Membalong, Damar, and Sijuk. There are many tourist destinations and local economic centers in these areas. XL Axiata's fastest internet network service has reached tourist attractions in Belitung. Thus, customers can surf the virtual world to enjoy the best photos while in Belitung.



Special promo for XL Axiata products in Belitung


Currently, there are product promos that can be utilized by customers and the public in Belitung to access data services on the 4G network, namely the Xtra Combo Flex Package at a very affordable price. The benefit offered by this product is that customers get quotas ranging from 3GB to 55GB. AXIS also comes with a larger 35GB package with an additional 30GB Tik Tok bonus that customers will enjoy later.


Head of Sales of XL Axiata for Lampung-Bangka Belitung area, Sarroso Dwi Panggah said, "To ensure that people and customers can easily get XL Axiata products, both XL and AXIS, currently in Belitung there are around 2,000 credit shops that provide XL Axiata products. These shops are spread out to districts and villages covered by XL Axiata services. Through these distribution network stores, customers can also get information and submit complaints, which the store manager will forward to XL Axiata customer service.”

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