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Launching “Desa Digital Nusantara” XL Axiata’s Way to Adapt Village Communities to the Digital Economy
Through the DDN Program, XL Axiata strives to further maximize community empowerment efforts by utilizing digital facilities so that they are better prepared to enter and benefit from the digital economy. The implementation of this program is also a form of support for the government's efforts to accelerate digital adoption to remote rural areas.

Karawang, 16 December 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) launched a new program called Desa Digital Nusantara (DDN). This program aims to encourage the empowerment of villages and their communities through the adoption of digital technology to all elements of life in the village. The launch took place in Tanjung Pakis Village, Pakis Jaya District, Karawang Regency, Thursday (16/12). Present at this event were the Director of Fisheries and Licensing at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Ir. Ridwan Mulyana, M.T., Head of Sub-Division of Planning for the Women's Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning (DP3AKB) Office of West Java Province, Mumung S Maman, ST, MM, and Chief Corporate Affairs of XL Axiata, Marwan O Baasir.


In addition, the Chairperson of the DPC KPPI of Karawang Regency, Hj. Sri Rahayu Agustina, S.H, Head of the Karawang Regency Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (P3A) Office, Ridwan Salam S.Sos, M.Si, Pakis Jaya District Head, Panji Santoso, and Tanjung Pakis Village Head, Karyo, were also present. 


Marwan O Baasir said, "Currently we are entering the era of the digital economy. However, our society is not yet ready, especially in rural areas. Through this program, we intend to further maximize community empowerment efforts by utilizing digital means so that they are better prepared to enter and benefit from the digital economy. The implementation of this program is also a form of our support for the government's efforts to accelerate digital adoption by the community to remote rural areas."


Marwan ensured that the DDN Program would be sustainable. According to him, XL Axiata is strongly committed to assisting the government in increasing digital literacy at the rural level in line with the development of the 4G fast internet network that is increasingly widespread. So, this program also includes strengthening the digital ecosystem to rural areas 


The first target of the implementation of the DDN Program is Tanjung Pakis Village, which is located on the north coast of Karawang Regency. On this occasion, XL Axiata received support from the KKP, the West Java Provincial Government, and the Karawang Regency Government. In addition, also providing support are two leading technology companies, namely Google Indonesia and Facebook Indonesia.


"Tanjung Pakis village was chosen because this village has great potential to advance in the digital era, but it has not been used optimally. Here, there is potential for fisheries, fish farms, tourism, to MSMEs. The community driving the economy is diverse and active. The product also has a high selling value," added Marwan.


In addition, Marwan added, Tanjung Pakis Village is also the location of the Echo Submarine Cable Communication System (SKKL) landing station. SKKL was jointly developed by Facebook (Meta), Google Alphabet, and XL Axiata.


At this initial stage, the DDN Program will include educational activities to improve citizens' digital literacy, construction of public facilities, installation of digital facilities and infrastructure, to donations. 


The educational activity will be in the form of a Sisternet Incubation Class for female MSME actors. There are six sessions with the target participants being female citizens who are SME actors or managers. Through this class, they will gain knowledge and guidance on using digital solutions to improve business management, increase productivity, and improve product marketing. This class will be led by a certified Sisternet facilitator.


Furthermore, there will be education and dissemination of the use of the Laut Nusantara application. This application makes it easier for fishermen to catch fish in the sea through a feature that can show the points where the fish are located. There will be three dissemination sessions for residents who are fishermen. XL Axiata will also share gadgets to access the Laut Nusantara application. Educational topics include the use of the application to support fishing activities, diversification of fishing businesses, and the introduction of environmentally friendly fishing gear. 


The target of the education also includes local students. There will be a leadership class that will adopt learning materials from XL Axiata Future Leaders (XLFL). This class will take up the topic of the importance of going to college and learning more about leadership. The presenters of this class will involve several XLFL alumni and facilitators.


To make it easier for the residents of Tanjung Pakis Village to access the internet, XL Axiata will also install WiFi at strategic points around the village. The quality of the XL Axiata data and internet network in this village is excellent, supported by 4G BTS around it. XL Axiata's 4G signal also reaches areas along the Tanjung Pakis beach that is one of the tourist destinations for Karawang residents. 


To support the productivity of processed seafood, XL Axiata will also implement an Internet of Things (IoT)-based digital device to assist the processing of salted fish. This device will help a higher quality drying process by utilizing energy from solar panels. This innovative digital device was initiated by the XLFL Batch 8 awardees.


The DDN program also includes the repair of one of the Islamic boarding school or pesantren in Tanjung Pakis village, namely Pesantren Al Ibtida. With this renovation, it is hoped that this pesantren will become more comfortable as a place for teaching and learning. 


"We also donate routers and free internet quota for a year for six schools, starting from elementary, junior high, and Islamic boarding schools. Then, donate 15 laptops to the same schools. We hope that this donation can accelerate the increase in digital literacy among the younger generation of Tanjung Pakis village, besides of course it can improve the quality of the teaching and learning process," continued Marwan.


The Desa Digital Nusantara Program is part of XL Axiata's sustainability program in building a more digital Indonesian society. This program is designed to be replicated in other regions in Indonesia. 

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