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Vigorously Implementing ESG Principles on Network Infrastructure XL Axiata uses Green BTS en Masse
Able to reduce energy consumption by 50%, XL Axiata has implemented Green BTS since 2014 and has now covered more than 90% of BTS. The implementation of ESG principles has also proven to support the company's business.

Jakarta, 23 Febuary 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to apply Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in every line of business to realise sustainable business. One of them is reflected in the implementation of environmental aspects in network infrastructure, especially Base Transceiver Station (BTS), which is also able to save energy. Since the end of 2022, XL Axiata has also started implementing the use of lithium batteries as a substitute for generators.


Director & Chief Digital Transformation and Enterprise Business Officer of XL Axiata, Yessie D. Yosetya, said, "ESG has become a global issue that has a major impact on the sustainability and existence of organisations. For this reason, we at XL Axiata continue to strive to implement every aspect of ESG in all lines of business. Specifically in network management, we are modernising BTS equipment to become Green BTS so as to reduce emission levels and at the same time enable energy consumption savings."


In applying ESG principles to BTS equipment, XL Axiata has modernised by implementing Green BTS which includes Intelligent Ventilation Cooling System (IVS), the use of DC fans and Air Conditioning (AC). The implementation of Green BTS is able to significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. The modernisation of BTS equipment has been implemented since 2014. Now, this modernisation programme has covered more than 90% of XL Axiata's BTS.


In addition, XL Axiata also modified old BTSs that used large shelters that required large energy consumption for air conditioning. Such shelters have been replaced with outdoor BTS devices that do not need air conditioning to cool the room. Outdoor BTSs are also able to reduce emissions from the use of generators. Along with the urgency of ESG implementation, the use of outdoor BTS has been implemented by XL Axiata since 2017 in more than 2,000 BTSs and will continue to be expanded.


Not only that, since the end of 2022, XL Axiata has taken the initiative to implement the use of lithium batteries as a substitute for generators. At the beginning, the application of lithium batteries was only applied to BTS in certain areas that required battery charging in a short time. However, with the latest technological developments, these lithium batteries can be applied in all areas.


Furthermore, XL Axiata also implemented the use of Hybrid System Charge Discharge Battery (CDC) on BTS in remote areas where there is no electricity supply. XL Axiata's implementation of CDC has succeeded in reducing diesel consumption by an average of 54%.


To ensure the effectiveness of ESG implementation, every year, XL Axiata also calculates the consumption of energy power released along with the resulting emissions. This calculation is part of the monitoring process as well as a reference in planning energy consumption efficiency for the years ahead.

XL Axiata continues to implement ESG principles by referring to the Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA) target, which is to reduce carbon emissions to 0 by 2050 (Net Zero Emission by 2050). The hope is that by reducing carbon emissions to 0, XL Axiata can also play a role in preventing long-term disasters due to climate change.

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