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XL Axiata Helps Lahat and West Lampung Flood Victims

Palembang, 21 March 2023.  PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) distributed aid to flood victims in Lahat Regency and West Lampung Regency. Assistance in the form of basic daily necessities such as rice, cooking oil, tea, sugar, instant noodles and soy sauce which are urgently needed by people currently affected by flooding. The handover of aid in Lahat took place on Thursday (16/3) and West Lampung, Tuesday (21/3) by representatives of XL Axiata West Region management to flood victims.  


Group Head of XL Axiata West Region, Desy Sari Dewi said, "XL Axiata and its employees are always ready to help communities affected by disasters, especially in each of our operational areas. Easing the burden of suffering of the community is our duty and responsibility, including in the form of sending aid to the people in Lahat and West Lampung. Hopefully the floods will soon pass and the lives of the people in both locations will return to normal."


The flood that hit Lahat submerged the houses in Lubuk Sepang Village, Pulau Pinang District. The floods that hit this village have been submerging residents' houses for several days, making it difficult for residents to do their activities. The handover of donations to flood victims in Lahat was handed over directly by XL Axiata's Territory Sales Manager for Lahat area, Ali Firdaus to residents' representatives.


Meanwhile in West Lampung, floods hit residential areas in Sidomulyo Village, Pagar Dewa District. The donation was handed over by XL Axiata's Territory Sales Manager for West Lampung area, Zulkarnain to the Head of Sidomulyo Village, Sulistyo, who was witnessed by several residents and local community leaders. From this location, the aid was then sent by motorbikes to the disaster post location with a travel time of about 2 hours.


XL Axiata collaborates with to distribute and ensure that aid packages in each target area reach the beneficiaries and in accordance with the specified time. 


Regarding XL Axiata services during the Lahat and West Lampung floods, the overall XL Axiata network in all regions is in a safe condition, so that it can still be used by people who need telecommunication services. XL Axiata will continue to monitor the condition of devices and networks in this area so that they can continue to operate in the current flood emergency situation. In all areas of Lahat Regency, services to customers are supported by more than 170 BTS. While in the West Lampung area, it is supported by more than 107 BTS.

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