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Goodwill to Communities Affected by the Pandemic
XL Axiata Donates Rp.100 Million Through the Indonesian Red Cross

Jakarta, June 24th 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continue to commit in providing assistance to communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, XL Axiata channels Rp.100 million donation through the “Donasi Siaga Pandemi” to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). The funds that are being channeled is the result of the XL PRIORITAS program; #BukberDariRumah challenge on Instagram, which ran from May 6th to 20th 2020.


Chief Premium Segment Officer of XL Axiata, Octavia Kurniawan said, "Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck and directly impacting the economic wellbeing of some Indonesian citizens, we have continued striving to provide assistance. Apart from collecting funds to donate from the company and its’ employees, we also create innovative programs that at the same time encourage customer participation to help others. Thankfully, through the #BukberDariRumah challenge program followed by XL PRIORITAS postpaid customers, funds of up to Rp.100 million was able to be collected as part of our contribution to the communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.”


According to Octavia, the #BukberDariRumah Challenge invites XL PRIORITAS customers to generate good response. In the #BukberDariRumah program, XL PRIORITAS customers are invited to create a video containing several pieces of footage in which the customer fills an empty plate or bowl with break-fasting menu, then passing the plate or bowl to the next participant. One video of this program that is uploaded to Instagram Story will be converted into a donation of Rp.100,000. There have been many videos entries to the committee and almost every one of them were very creative.



XL Axiata Distributes Basic Need Donation in Lampung, Pekanbaru, and Banda Aceh


By collaborating with several journalist and other communities, XL Axiata also continues to distribute donations to the communities affected by Covid-19 in various regions, including Sumatera. Throughout the end of last week, XL Axiata distributed basic needs donation packages in Bandar Lampung, Pekanbaru and Banda Aceh together with the Indonesian Press Photo Organization or known as Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI) in Lampung, the Indonesian Journalists (Press) Association (PWI) Riau, the GERAK Pekanbaru Community, and the XL students of the XL Future Leaders association. Some of these donations were the result of crowd funding organized and donated by XL Axiata employees which has been routinely carried out since the early warnings of the pandemic.


Group Head of XL Axiata for the West Region, Desy Sari Dewi said, "Many workers have experienced the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are people who have not given up, and keep on trying due to the fact that they have to families to support. Incomes and results of effort that are obtained is no longer the same as it would have been compared to the maximum effort and opportunities that were previously available due to the current circumstances. We are distributing these donations and collaborating with communities that share the same concern. Hopefully this activity could be of use as a way to help ease the economic burden of those currently affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.”


The aid and relief packages being distributed consist of groceries, such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, soy sauce, milk, and instant noodles. Previously, the XL Axiata team and the community have done the due diligence of identifying and determining the communities and people who are mostly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that would be inclined to receive the donation. They are citizens who have not given up on making a living even during the current situation and conditions. Aid packages are given to waste collectors, newspaper sellers, parking attendants and small scale traders/merchants.


Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia, XL Axiata has never stopped distributing donations to help the community and health workers as well as Covid-19 reference/response hospitals. In addition, XL Axiata have also been providing free quota and access to support learning and working activities at home. Aside from these efforts, strengthening of network around the main referral hospitals continues. Also, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), XL Axiata has distributed various donations, including thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hazmat suits for medical workers within various regions in Indonesia.

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