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XL Axiata Employees Distribute Assistance for Flood Victims in West Kalimantan

Sanggau, 26 November 2021. Employees of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata), through XL Axiata Taklim Council (MTXL), distributed emergency aid for flood victims in Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan. The handing over of the aid to victims at several flood locations in Semuntai Village, Mukok Subdistrict, was carried out directly by West Kalimantan XL Axiata representatives, Wednesday (24/11). Also witnessing the handover of aid were the Village Head of Semuntai Nuryadin, the Steering Team for the Head of Hamlet Region Sulaiman Efendi, together with the National Police Babinsa Aiptu Anang, and the TNI Babinsa Sertu Suprianto.


MTXL Chairperson Yanuar Tirta Kumaya said, “This assistance is one of the MTXL Disaster Response Programs which aim to help Indonesian people who need assistance. This assistance is also a manifestation of the concern of XL Axiata employees to ease the burden on the Sanggau community who are facing a disaster. After all, XL Axiata has long been part of the Sanggau community. We therefore should be helping people. Hopefully, this assistance will come in handy.”


The emergency assistance from XL Axiata employees is in the form of packages of basic daily needs such as rice, instant noodles, granulated sugar, tea, milk, bath soap, and medicines. Procurement for this assistance is collected from zakat funds, infaq/alms of XL Axiata employees which is managed by MTXL.


All funds collected through the MTXL Disaster Response Program are channeled directly in various social actions for the Indonesian people in many regions. Apart from being distributed in the form of emergency assistance to disaster-affected areas, funds from employees are also channeled into various social activities, such as the construction and renovation of village bridges, construction of mosques, construction of power plants, house renovations, to the establishment of refill water depots.


Regarding XL Axiata's services during the Sanggau flood, the overall XL Axiata network throughout the Sanggau Regency is safe. Although there were several BTS affected by the flood, services to customers continued to run normally due to network strengthening and engineering around the disaster site. Throughout the regency, service to customers is supported by more than 150 BTS.


XL Axiata continues to monitor and ensure that, currently, services remain normal in most flood-affected areas. The XL Axiata team strives to maintain the quality of telecommunications and data networks in disaster-affected areas, both by ensuring the operation of infrastructure and by network engineering. Anticipatory measures have been carried out by the XL Axiata technical team to deal with various possible natural disasters in several disaster-prone areas throughout the province since the start of increasing rainfall. It needs to be done to ensure the condition of network infrastructure, as well as to distribute aid to communities affected by disasters.


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