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XL Axiata Collaborates with Cloudera To Increase The Use of Data Analytics to Drive Business Performance

Jakarta, January 11, 2021 - PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) will collaborate with Cloudera Inc., (NYSE: CLDR), enterprise provider of cloud data for the enterprise, to improve the use of data analytics in an effort to maximize its business performance. By leveraging Cloudera's cloud-agnostic data management platform, XL Axiata’s management hopes to use data, analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligent (AI) technology to get a complete 360 ​​degree view of customers, reduce churn, improve network performance, and drive innovation. This step is part of the digital transformation that XL Axiata management continues to drive.

Director & Chief Commercial Officer of XL Axiata, David Arcelus, “XL Axiata has a vision to be the most preferred data connectivity provider for users in Indonesia with high integrity. With technology from Unscrambl and the Cloudera platform, now we can manage data more effectively, where even the most non-technical users can access data and explore the insights needed to make data-based decisions quickly. We hope that this very strategic partnership will be able to drive business progress and produce better products and services for our customers."

Currently XL Axiata relies on Synapse, a sharing platform in the group of companies, to build a data-based culture. The key feature in Synapse is qbo Insights, an AI-based self-service conversational tool from Unscrambl (Cloudera's partner) powered by the Cloudera platform. With this tool, platform users can ask questions about business (such as revenue, number of customers, usage and consumption) and immediately get the data they need, anytime and anywhere.


Some of the benefits that can be obtained from Synapse is that with this system, 90 percent of the questions asked are answered in less than 5 seconds, the rest is in the range of 1 minute, depending on the complexity of the question. Then, this tool provides instant access to business users who need data anywhere and anytime and this is very helpful in the midst of social restrictions due to COVID-19. Thanks to the ML / AI based algorithm, users can also perform factor analysis in just seconds.


In addition, this tool is also able to reduce dependence on the IT team, the system is used by almost all departments that need data to produce a single source of truth for the entire organization. XL Axiata also does not need to invest anymore in the new data stack, but it is enough to take advantage of the existing ecosystem, in this case the Cloudera platform, and present data to more than 100 users.


"The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant surge in services for all telecommunications operators in Indonesia. In the midst of high demand, the challenge is how to quickly produce customer-centric and attractive products and services amid social restrictions, "said Fanly Tanto, Country Manager of Cloudera Indonesia. "We are proud to be able to support XL Axiata to achieve data democratization through the Cloudera platform that supports multi-function analysis, is secure, governed, and is an open platform that provides high flexibility and scalability. This solution has encouraged XL Axiata to always make data-driven and insight-driven business decisions, so as to produce faster products and services that are preferred by users in Indonesia. "


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