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Business and Social Activity of XL Axiata Received Awards

Jakarta, 6 August 2022. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has won several awards for its business and social activities in the past year. The awards from the community are related to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, the achievements of the company's leadership, the company's popularity in media news, to the performance of the communication team. The awards were received from June to August 2022.


XL Axiata's Chief of Corporate Affairs, Marwan O. Baasir, said, "Thank God, XL Axiata has won various awards in the last few months. Surely this award will encourage us to keep working hard again. Therefore, we will also continue to improve service quality, both in providing superior network infrastructure, innovative services to answer the needs of all customer segments and also social action. Not only that, with this award we also hope to be even better in establishing closer relationships with friends from the media."


The awards achieved by XL Axiata are:


  1. INDONESIA DEI & ESG Awards (IDEAS) 2022, as the Winner of Most Popular Leader in Online Media 2021 in the National & Multinational Tbk Private Category, for the President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini.
  2. PR of The Year 2022, Lifetime Achievement Award-Journalist Choice for the President Director & CEO of XL, Dian Siswarini.
  3. PR of The Year 2022, Corporate Communications Team of The Year-Journalist Choice for the Corporate Communications of XL Axiata.
  4. PR Persons Award 2022, category of Indonesian Most Prominent PR Persons for the Group Head Corporate Communication of XL Axiata, Tri Wahyuningsih.
  5. Selular Award 2022, category of Best Data Package for AXIS.
  6. Selular Award 2022, category of Best Convergent Service for XL Satu.
  7. Selular Award 2022, category of Best B2B Commercial Innovation - Big Data/IoT for XL Business Solution
  8. Selular Award 2022, category of Best Practice 4 Women Empowerment Program for Sisternet.
  9. The Most Popular Corporation in the Mainstream Media 2022, category of National and Multinational Private Company for XL Axiata.
  10. Bisnis Indonesia Social Responsibility Awards (Bisra) 2022, Gold Champion in Corporate Social Responsibility Program for XL Axiata.


The award from HUMAS INDONESIA, part of PR INDONESIA Group, which was given to Dian Siswarini at The 1st Indonesia DEI & ESG Awards (IDEAS) 2022 is a national competition event for PR practitioners, both government and corporate institutions, in communicating institutional performance in the fields of diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI) and environmental, social, governance (ESG), Tourism, Culture, Cooperatives and MSMEs. Based on the monitoring and qualitative analysis carried out by HUMAS INDONESIA together with KAZEE, determined the President Director & CEO of PT XL Axiata Tbk, Dian Siswarini, as the Winner of the Most Popular Leader in the 2021 On-line Media in the National & Multinational Tbk Private Category.


Then in the PR of The Year 2022 event, Dian Siswarini also received the Lifetime Achievement Award-Journalist Choice which was seen based on the assessment of journalists for their work and contribution in advancing the Telecommunication industry in the country so far. Meanwhile, the Corporate Communications Team of The Year-Journalist Choice award was assessed based on the observations of journalists from national media on the performance of the XL Axiata Corporate Communications team. One of them is the ease of access in obtaining information, the speed in responding to the needs of the media crew, and the harmonious interaction between the two parties. The organizer of this event is MIX Marketing & Communication Magazine (SWA Group).


The PR Persons Award 2022 held by The Iconomics gives awards to PR agents and corporate communication actors based on the choice of editors and the Iconomics reset team, involving public relations observers and other media with the criteria; Exposure, Influence, and Creativity. The Iconomics gave an award to XL Axiata's Group Head Corporate Communication, Tri Wahyuningsih, for the Indonesian Most Prominent PR Persons category.


Meanwhile, the recipients of the 2022 Selular Award are those who have contributed greatly to development in Indonesia, especially in the field of telecommunications and technology. The winner's assessment is also based on voting or polls involving thousands of voters on the Selular.ID page and judging based on performance over the past year. The 2022 Selular Award ceremony began with a panel discussion with the theme “Winning in Digital Ecosystem” featuring several speakers from various operators, including from XL Axiata represented by Marwan O Baasir, Chief Corporate Affairs.


Then, XL Axiata also received an award at the Most Popular Corporation in Mainstream Media 2022 which is an award given to a corporation that has succeeded in building and maintaining good relations with the press media, which is measured by the extent of the corporation's reach in mainstream media throughout May 2021 - May 2022. The scope includes mentioning, displaying, or discussing a brand/corporation in mainstream digital media. The organizer of this event is the Press Company Union (SPS) in collaboration with Kazee Digital Indonesia.


Meanwhile, Bisra 2022 took the theme of Social Responsibility To Accelerate Stronger Recovery, which was attended by 118 companies from various business lines. Bisra is an annual award organized by Bisnis Indonesia newspaper, given to companies or business organizations that have contributed significantly to the progress of society, vulnerable communities, and environmental sustainability in Indonesia.

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