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Achieving International Certificate of MEF-CE 3.0 Services of Ethernet XL Business Solutions Meet the International Standard

Jakarta, 9 July 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL Business Solutions (Busol) has won the MEF-CE 3.0 international certificate. This certificate is issued by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) which is a global alliance with a membership of more than 200 companies authorized to issue certifications for standardization of ethernet network service providers worldwide. This is a determination that the ethernet-based service provided by Busol, as the network provider, is in accordance with world industry standard specifications based on the provisions set by the MEF organization.


XL Axiata's Chief Enterprise & SME Officer, Feby Sallyanto said, "It has become our focus and commitment to continuously improve corporate customer satisfaction through the best service quality. Achieving international certificates such as MEF is one of our ways to convince customers. Corporate clients need excellent and high-quality services and solutions. Obtaining official documents and recognition from the MEF alliance more complete other international standard certificates that we currently have. This is an evidence to Busol's continuity in improving services to world standards."


The ethernet-based service solution offered by Busol will facilitate the digitization process for corporations, as well as for customers who have a need for large bandwidth with secure connectivity across all network platforms. Corporate customers who want to use the Busol ethernet service will be able to choose a variety of services in the form of Private Line, MPLS, and internet connectivity. Busol ethernet services are also supported by XL backbone infrastructure spread throughout Indonesia. A number of large enterprise clients have taken advantage of the Busol solution to increase the productivity of their business operations.


Nan Chen, President of MEF, said, “Congratulations to XL Axiata on the MEF-CE 3.0 Certification that has been successfully achieved. With MEF 3.0 certification, customers will be more confident in choosing XL Axiata services that comply with global industry standards. For us, XL Axiata has understood the value set by certification, namely simplified and pre-validated functions, as well as seamless implementation and partnership processes.”


By pocketing the MEF 3.0 CE Certificate, XL Axiata becomes a company that has the ability comparable to world-class companies in providing a more structured and guaranteed quality of service. MEF 3.0 CE certification is a certification that proves the feasibility of XL Axiata against the service specification standards set by MEF.


The MEF 3.0 CE certification provides a method for technology, network and cloud providers to determine eligibility for services and the technology used. Through MEF 3.0 certification, service providers can accelerate product development, sales cycle, and implementation according to international standards.

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