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Focus on Improving Network Performance and Customer Experience XL Axiata Achieves the Fastest Growth

Jakarta, 30 August 2022. Last week, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) officially has announced the company's performance report for the first half of 2022 with very positive results. One of the biggest achievements was an increase in EBITDA growth of 12% QoQ, in which the growth rate was faster than the growth rate of the revenue achieved by the company, so that the EBITDA Margin was successfully increased at 48%. Overall, this positive achievement was driven by the implementation of Operational Excellence in all lines of the organization.


Director & Chief Finance Officer of XL Axiata, Budi Pramantika said, "This positive performance has spurred us to continue to move swiftly, creating various innovations while still implementing Operational Excellence which contributes to the increase of revenue and EBITDA. An increase in EBITDA of 12% QoQ (IDR. 3 .56 trillion) and 4% YoY (IDR. 6.73 trillion). Net profit increased to 476 billion during the second quarter alone to reach IDR. 615 billion in the first half. This achievement is inseparable from the continuous improvement in the quality of XL Axiata's network which continues to make customers comfortable when accessing various telecommunication and data services (The Best Network Customer Experience).


From the results of an independent survey conducted by one of the most trusted survey institutions in the telecommunications industry, Opensignal*, in the last July 2022 period, XL Axiata was ranked first for the category of download speed and video access experience (streaming video). This is an acknowledgment of the success of XL Axiata's hard work in improving network quality.


By the end of June 2022, XL Axiata has a total of more than 144 thousand BTS, with the number of 4G BTS increasing significantly to 88,447. This number increased 39% compared to the same period last year (YoY). In addition, to improve the quality of the 4G network, XL Axiata has also turned off most of its 3G BTS. From the period at the end of June last year to the end of June 2022, 92% of all 3G BTS had been extinguished, and only about 4,221 BTS remained. The target is, by the end of 2022, all 3G BTS has been extinguished.


XL Axiata's traffic during the first half of 2022 also continued to increase. It was noted that traffic increased by 30% (YoY) to 3,840 Petabytes at the end of June 2022. Meanwhile, compared to the previous quarter, traffic increased rapidly by 7%. This is also in line with the increase of the improved customer experience, due to the increase of User Throughput and improvement of Latency during the first quarter of this year.


This significant increase in traffic also boosted revenue from data services and digital services. It is noted that in the first half of 2022, XL Axiata managed to achieve data and digital service revenues of IDR 12.87 trillion, up 9% YoY.


In line with the company's vision to become the leading converged operator in Indonesia (#1 Converged Operator in Indonesia), XL Axiata continues to strive to introduce converged services to the Indonesian people, while increasing its benefits. As a result, the penetration of this converged service increased from 19% to 28% in one quarter, which means that the demand for this product is strong. The recent acquisition of Linknet will greatly support the development of this converged product in the future. In addition, XL Axiata has also completed the acquisition of Hypernet. This step will further strengthen XL Axiata's portfolio of corporate services (B2B).

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