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XL Axiata Supports Digital Education By Donating Routers and Data Quotas to the Peduli Anak Disabilitas Foundation
The aim is to expand XL Axiata's network infrastructure across Indonesia, including in remote regions, and foster enhanced digital literacy across all segments of society, including individuals with disabilities. Ensuring that people with disabilities have equal opportunities to enhance and utilize their digital skills is crucial for fostering greater productivity and inclusivity.

Surabaya, March 26, 2024. During the Ramadan momentum, in an effort to support digital education in Indonesia, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through the Quota Donation Movement (GDK) program, provided routers and data quotas to Islamic universities, Islamic boarding schools, and social institutions caring for children with special needs across Indonesia. One beneficiary is the Peduli Kasih Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (Caring for Children with Special Needs) Foundation in Sidoarjo, East Java. Yessie D. Yosetya, XL Axiata Director & Chief Enterprise Business & Corporate Affairs Officer, handed over the donation directly to Dr. Sawitri Retno Hadiati, head of the Peduli Kasih Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus Foundation, during the XL Axiata Ramadan Safari event in Surabaya, Monday (25/3).


Yessie emphasized, "With our network stretching further across Indonesia, even into remote areas, we aim to boost digital skills for everyone, including those with disabilities. It's essential that we empower all members of society, including those with disabilities, to harness the power of digital literacy for greater productivity and fulfillment in their daily lives."


Yessie mentioned that XL Axiata believes social foundations need assistance to adapt to the digital age and provide education to digitally savvy children with special needs. Additionally, the GDK program is also a concrete step for the company to distribute digital education to various groups across Indonesia.


The router donation to the Peduli Kasih Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus Foundation includes a data package of 240 GB for one year, which will be distributed during Ramadan. A router is a device that is used to transmit data from the internet to other devices. Also attending the donation event in Surabaya was the Regional Group Head of XL Axiata East Region, Dodik Ariyanto.


Dr. Sawitri Retno Hadiati, Head of the Peduli Kasih Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus Foundation, expressed her appreciation for the GDK program by XL Axiata, aimed to encourage the implementation of digital education within the foundations she manages. She is committed to  utilizing the program to enhance digital literacy among students and teachers, recognizing the importance of digital-based teaching in today's educational landscape.

"With good cooperation between XL Axiata, local organizations, government bodies, and various sectors of society, we aim for the effective distribution and implementation of this donation. XL Axiata's assistance goes beyond corporate social responsibility; it represents a long-term commitment to support the overall development and well-being of Indonesian society," said Yessie.


Aside from Surabaya, XL Axiata chose several Islamic colleges, Islamic boarding schools, and social foundations in different provinces to receive these donations. They include:


1. Pendidikan Islam Pembangunan (Islamic Development Education) 2 Foundation, Langkat, North Sumatra

2. Rumah Harapan (House of Hope) Banjarbaru Foundation, South Kalimantan

3. Riyadhul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta

4. Al-Musyahwir Orphanage, Makassar, South Sulawesi

5. Karang Sambung Koran Study Council, Serang, Banten

6. Amal Indonesia (Indonesian Charity) Foundation, South Jakarta



Donate basic necessities to 75 locations


During the holy month of Ramadan, XL Axiata and its employees distributed essential food donations to a total of 75 locations. Sixty of these locations received food donations through the XL Axiata Peduli program, including areas in East Java and various cities in Sulawesi. This distribution is part of XL Axiata's ongoing efforts to connect with communities in each region.


Additionally, through the XL Axiata Baik program, employees, along with the XL Axiata Taqlim Council (MTXL) provided basic food packages to Islamic boarding schools and social foundations at 15 locations across several cities in Indonesia, showing care and attention to the communities in those areas.


“We’ve been part of the community for over 20 years. It’s vital that we nurture these friendships, whether it’s through management representing the Company or employees. We aim to provide top-notch telecommunications and data services and meaningful social initiatives like this. We strive to support all Indonesians through our expertise, including empowering remote rural communities with digital literacy," Yessie emphasized.


By the end of 2023, XL Axiata operates network infrastructure over 160,000 BTS, mostly 4G, and a fiber optic network spanning more than 159,000 km, supporting data networks across most of the Indonesian archipelago

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