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XL Axiata and Bank OCBC NISP Collaboration Provides Ease of Internet Access During #DiRumahAja

Jakarta, February 26th 2021 – PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) in collaboration with Bank OCBC NISP launched a special service product for Bank OCBC NISP customers to provide internet access that can support community activities while at home during the pandemic. This support is in the form of the "OCBC NISP Welcome Bonus Package" which facilitates customers and the public, especially millennials, to do banking from home while contributing to reducing the spread curve of COVID-19 by being #DiRumahAja.


Chief Sales Officer of XL Axiata, Octavia Kurniawan (Okie) said, “In a pandemic situation that is still high, we continue to strive to provide various telecommunications services and innovations that can make it easier for people and subscribers to carry out their activities at home. This strategic collaboration with OCBC NISP is one of our breakthroughs to facilitate people and subscribers, especially millennials, to access digital mobile banking services with our data services.”


Okie added, in the current digital era, the application of digital technology in banking is increasingly massive and growing. Various digital-based services are also increasingly sophisticated. In order to ensure the security of subscriber data, this program also implements a strong security system, so that subscribers and the public will still feel safe doing banking from home.


"Bank OCBC NISP continues to accelerate digital transformation to support customers to remain productive in carrying out activities during #DiRumahAja, including conducting banking transactions. This collaboration between Bank OCBC NISP and XL Axiata will strengthen our commitment in providing easy and convenient banking services for our customers. With good internet access, account opening processes, banking transactions, and investment management can be done through ONe Mobile mobile banking application,” explained Rudy Hamdani, Digital Business Division Head of Bank OCBC NISP.


The Welcome Bonus package is a starter package with a 2GB free internet quota bonus provided by XL Axiata specifically for new Bank OCBC NISP customers who open a NYALA account via ONe Mobile mobile banking application. By using XL number provided, customers will get free access to ONe Mobile application for 30 days, and the following period follows the active period of the package and card. This program will run until January 31st, 2022.


Through this collaboration with Bank OCBC NISP, XL Axiata hopes to continue to develop services that can support digital services in the banking sector. In addition, this program also demonstrates XL Axiata's efforts to reach the younger generation where Bank OCBC NISP is one of the banks that have products, services, and even financial literacy education programs tailored to the needs of Indonesia's young generation. One of them is a digital financial literacy program that is packaged in a lifestyle concept that is closely related to the daily lives of Indonesian youths with the title #TAYTB Show which has now been watched more than 14 million times.


Bank OCBC NISP also presents the #SAVE20 Movement which encourages young Indonesians to start good habits to save and invest at an affordable nominal starting from Rp 20,000 every day through ONe Mobile by buying mutual fund products or term savings. Based on data on financial management products at Bank OCBC NISP, if customers start saving and investing consistently with a value of Rp 20,000 every day starting from the age of 20, the customer can get Rp. 3.7 billion at retirement age. [1]


Throughout 2020, XL Axiata focuses on transformations that encourage the implementation of business digitization by implementing simplicity and automation. This is in line with the increase in data traffic, the use of data services, which has increased considerably in the midst of a pandemic. As of the fourth quarter of 2020, data revenue contributed 92%, with smartphone penetration reaching 89%.


[1] Using the stock mutual fund return assumption of 11.87% p.a. Retirement age 55 years

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