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“Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit” XL Axiata - UI - RSUI Holds Drive-Thru Vaccination Centre First in Depok

Depok, March 25th 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XLAxiata) together with a number of business and social partners hold vaccination centre in form of drive-thru for people in Depok, West Jawa. The Program called "Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit" is a support to the government to simplify and speed up the process of vaccination for the community. The vaccination event will be held for two months, began in March 22nd 2021 and located in the parking building of University of Indonesia Hospital (RSUI), Depok. Also present in the opening of the "Indonesia Rising Vaccination Centre" is the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin.


President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini said, "The implementation of this program is a form of our commitment as business people to support the government in encouraging the acceleration of the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination program for the people of Indonesia. We cooperate and work together to make this program successful, so that the COVID-19 pandemic can be resolved faster. We are very aware that solving the COVID-19 problem cannot be done alone, but must do it together in accordance with the competence of each one in a collaborative spirit. All the implementation processes of the drive-thru vaccination program is under the coordination of the Ministry of Health and other authorized institutions. For the entire residents of Depok who meets the requirements, please come to join, not has to be XL Axiata subscribers."


Dian continue, vaccinations implemented are in cooperation between XL Axiata, with University of Indonesia (UI), The Hospital of University of Indonesia (RSUI), the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, the Government of the Province of West Jawa, and the Government of Depok City, as well as the Association of UI Alumni, including also other business partners, namely Benih Baik, Protelindo, Tower Bersama Group, Alita and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).


While Prof. Ari Kuncoro, SE, MA, Ph.D as the Rector of UI supports the vaccination COVID-19 program, because according to him, by synergizing and collaborating penta helix can accelerate the vaccination program nationwide so that herd immunity can be achieved soon. "We hope that through this contribution and the support of PT XL Axiata Tbk to realize Indonesia Rising Vaccination Centre at UI Hospital, UI can support the acceleration of the recovery of Indonesia's condition. I would like to thank the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia for their support and trust in us."


President Director of RSUI, dr. Astuti Giantini, Sp. PK, MPH, said "We thank you to XL that has been entrusted RSUI as vaccination implementer and health facility provider. From our side, In order to streamline the drive thru vaccination process, RSUI has prepared the best possible flow, starting from registration up to the observation stage. When the participant arrives, the participant will be verified first to check the proof of registration and Depok KTP/domicile certificate at the verification post. Furthermore, participants are required to perform data registration validation in table 1. In table 2, the health worker will screen the participant's health condition by asking a few questions, measuring blood pressure and body temperature. If the participant's health is stated to be in good condition, the participant can carry out the vaccination stage at the third table. If not, participants will be advised to first rest for 15-30 minutes in the waiting area. After that, the participants will be directed to table 4 to rest and be observed by health workers for 30 minutes with re-measurement of blood pressure and temperature, and to find out whether there is a Post-Immunization Follow-up Events (KIPI). If it is safe, then the vaccine process is considered complete. The total duration of the vaccination process is about 1 hour. We hope that the drive thru vaccination will run smoothly and can reach a wider group of elderly people."


This vaccination centre serves elderly residents (at least 60 years old) with a Depok KTP or domiciled in Depok, teaching staff from the University of Indonesia (UI) and Jakarta State Polytechnic (PNJ) who are already registered.


Registration of participants can be done online via page by completing validation of personal data and verification of the health conditions of potential vaccine participants. Prior to the injection of the vaccine, participants will undergo a physical condition check which is carried out according to health standards by RSUI. The Indonesia Rising Vaccination Centre operates Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), from 08.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB every day (maximum arrival at 15.00).


Taking the location in RSUI parking building, residents who have registered online will then be briefed by the officer according to the drive thru procedure so that it takes place orderly and smoothly. At the location, a queue line has been prepared that can accommodate a maximum of up to 1,000 cars. In one day, 500 to 1,000 people can be vaccinated. For the smooth running, the Drive Thru Vaccination Centre is assisted by more than 130 volunteers (including doctors, nurses, security officers, and administrators).


This activity of Indonesia Rising Vaccination Centre is the first to be held in Depok City in accordance with directions from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of West Java Province. The West Java region is one of the focus areas for vaccine distribution considering West Java is a buffer area for the capital.


Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit is the newest implementation of the commitment of XL Axiata, University of Indonesia (UI) and University of Indonesia Hospital (RSUI) in supporting the government's efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Regarding supports for handling COVID-19, XL Axiata since the beginning of the pandemic last year has also donated hundreds of thousands of PPE units for medical personnel in various regions, including a total of more than 150 billion rupiah in various forms ranging from cash funds up to support for telecommunications facilities for the public and related agencies to as well as strengthening of telecommunications networks specifically in a number of referral hospitals for COVID-19 patients throughout Indonesia.

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