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XL Axiata Employees and Journalist Community Regularly Donate Blood Hundreds of Blood Bags Donated During 2023

Medan, 22 November 2023. To commemorate World Children's Day, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) together with the journalist community in Medan held a routine blood donation at the Grha XL Medan office, Jalan Diponegoro No. 5 Medan, Wednesday (22/11). The results of this social action will be channeled to the Medan Children's Oncology Foundation (YOAM) for further distribution to children suffering from cancer.


During 2023, this blood donation action has been successfully collected in collecting 200 bags of blood. For blood donation in January 2023, 60 blood bags were collected, in May 2023, 45 blood bags were collected, in August 2023, 40 blood bags were collected, and in November 2023, around 55 blood bags were collected. In total, there are 200 blood bags.


XL Axiata West Region Group Head, Desy Sari Dewi, said, "XL Axiata employees together with the journalist community in Medan always regularly carry out monthly blood donation activities to help children with cancer. This activity is a form of XL Axiata's concern for children suffering from cancer. "Now, in commemoration of World Children's Day, XL Axiata together with the journalist community provides support through blood donation activities so that it provides benefits for donors to be healthier and also benefits children who receive blood donations."


Desy added that from the blood donation carried out today, a total of 60 people who registered, collected 55 bags of blood which could be collected from the donors. The blood collected will be donated directly to the Medan Children's Oncology Foundation (YOAM) to be distributed to children with cancer who really need blood assistance.


Also participating in this action were Indonesian Photojournalists (PFI) Medan, North Sumatra Indonesian Women Journalists Forum (FJPI), North Sumatra Health Journalists Forum (Forwakes), XL Axiata Employees, MTXL Axiata, Medan Children's Oncology Foundation (YOAM), RSUP H. Adam Malik Medan, and the general public.


Blood donation activities at XL Axiata have been carried out regularly since 2012 and are routinely held every 3 months. This blood donation activity is always eagerly awaited by active donors who regularly donate every three months because they have experienced many benefits.


Chairman of PFI Medan, Rahmad Suryadi, said, "Apart from commemorating World Children's Day, we want to make a contribution to children, especially children with cancer so that they continue to be enthusiastic about achieving their goals and dreams in the future. Through this blood donation activity, we want to encourage journalists to become healthier and more enthusiastic. There are many benefits of donating blood that are felt by donors. Among the benefits of donating blood are reducing the risk of heart and blood vessel disease, reducing the risk of cancer, helping to lose weight, detecting serious illnesses and helping to be psychologically healthier."


The next blood donation activity at XL Axiata will be held in February 2024 as a three-month routine to maintain body health and at the same time help children suffering from cancer.

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