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Develops Digital Villages XL Axiata Donates 100 Laptops to Dozens of Islamic Boarding Schools

Jakarta, 4 May 2021. PT XL Axiata (XL Axiata) donated 100 laptops and internet access facilities for 12 Islamic boarding schools in a number of areas. This donation is part of “Digital Village” development program initiated in 2020. XL Axiata views the Islamic boarding schools as communities that have the potential to drive the economy in rural areas. With the donation of laptops and internet access facilities, XL Axiata hopes that the santri can increase their digital literacy so that they can encourage and guide rural communities to take advantage of digital means productively. The Coordinating Minister for Political, Law and Security Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Mohammad Mahfud MD and the President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini were present online at the donation ceremony, Tuesday (4/5)


President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini said, "One of the focuses of community empowerment initiated by XL Axiata is digitizing the Indonesian people. Many programs related to this vision have been implemented, among others, through the Sisternet program, Laut Nusantara, and the Quota Donation Movement. XL Axiata has implemented the digital literacy improvement program since 2019 in various circles of society. Currently, XL Axiata is targeting Islamic boarding schools to accept digital literacy enhancement programs so that they can drive the digital economy in rural areas. By digitizing the Islamic boarding schools, XL Axiata hopes that there will be a generation in rural areas who are better prepared to face the challenges ahead."


According to Dian, the presence of digital technology in the midst of society is part of the times, which cannot be avoided. It is impossible to fight or stop. So that we are not run over, what we can do is adjust and use it to bring good to us. Currently, digital infrastructure has spread to remote rural areas, and will continue to expand so that it can reach all Indonesians. The donation of laptops and XL Axiata internet access facilities is distributed to various rural communities as part of our seriousness in participating in preparing rural communities to enter the digital era.


The 12 Islamic boarding schools that accepting laptop donations are:

  1. Al-Huda Islamic Boarding School, Boyolali Regency, Central Java
  2. Ummul Quro’ Assuyuty Islamic Boarding School, Pamekasan Regency, Madura, East Java
  3. Al Mardliyyah Islamic Boarding School, Pamekasan Regency, Madura, East Java
  4. Al Huda Islamic Boarding School, Malang East Java
  5. Al Falah Islamic Boarding School, Banyumas Regency, Central Java
  6. Al Ikhsan Islamic Boarding School, Banyumas Regency, Central Java
  7. Raudlatul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Malang Regency, East Java
  8. Al Utsmaniyah Islamic Boarding School, Bogor Regency, West Java
  9. Al Ashr Islamic Boarding School, Bogor Regency, West Java
  10. Bina Ilmi Islamic Boarding School, Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatera
  11. Insan Quran Mulia Islamic Boarding School, West Nusa Tenggara
  12. Al Ishlah Islamic Boarding School, Gorontalo


Apart from laptops, XL Axiata also provides donation recipients with internet access facilities. In fact, they will also receive advanced programs in the form of training on a number of digital skills, including how to use social media for product promotion, photography, and creating effective digital content. In distributing this donation, XL Axiata collaborates with


The digital literacy improvement program that XL Axiata has implemented for rural communities includes the implementation of Laut Nusantara application for fishing communities in various provinces. In addition, through the Sisternet program, various trainings on the use of digital technology have also been carried out to increase the productivity of rural communities at USO network locations and fishing villages. Digital literacy is also given to women managing MSMEs. Meanwhile, through the Quota Donation Movement, XL Axiata provides internet and data access facilities for rural communities who need support to increase productivity.

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