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XL Axiata CEO Awarded “Appreciation for Remarkable Indonesian Women 2019”
Jakarta, November 8, 2019, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) President Director & CEO, Dian Siswarini, is again awarded for her strides in the telecommunications industry. SINDO Media named her a winner of the “Appreciation for Remarkable Indonesian Women 2019” award, along with other notable women from Indonesia. Dian Siswarini earned this high appreciation through her achievements and utmost dedication as a professional in the telecommunication industry in general, and also her success in leading PT XL Axiata Tbk to become a very influential telecommunications and data services provider in Indonesia today.


The Appreciation for Remarkable Indonesian Women 2019 is an award organized by Sindo Media to acknowledge distinguished women who have participated in accelerating the growth in economy, culture, politics, and technology in Indonesia. Mrs. Dian is chosen as a recipient of the award in the Professionals category. Recipients are chosen based on a survey conducted by SINDO Media Research and Development Department and  SINDO Media Editorial Staff Focus Discussion Group (FGD).

XL Axiata Group Head Corporate Communication Tri Wahyuningsih said, “In early October 2019, Mrs. Dian was also appointed as one of three Indonesian businesswomen in Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswoman list. The numerous awards she gained throughout the year are a recognition from both the Indonesian and international communities of her capacity as a leader of XL Axiata, and also of her role as a figure who brings positive influence in the telecommunications industry and the society.”

Tri Wahyuningsih added that the awards bestowed upon the XL Axiata CEO are also an expression of public appreciation towards the company that she leads through her various initiatives. Aside from external aspects such as technology, we also strive to keep transforming internally as a corporation. Since 2015, we have been showing extraordinary commitment towards employees engagement in the company’s growth and continuity.

Stellar Workplace Award

Also in October 2019, XL Axiata received the Stellar Workplace Recognition in Employee Commitment & Employee Satisfaction from the Stellar Workplace Award 2019 Chief Human Capital Officer XL Axiata, Rudy Afandi directly accepted the award in Jakarta on Friday (25/10).  Conceived through collaboration between PT GML Performance Consulting and Kontan daily newspaper, The Stellar Workplace Award surveys and analyzes employee engagement and organizational performance.

Stellar Workplace Award focuses on Indonesian companies that show extraordinary commitment towards employees engagement in the organization’s growth and continuity. Winners are chosen based on a survey of employees engagement perception, and assessment by a panel of juries who evaluate the company’s commitment in implementing the initiative of best employees engagement that correlates to the overall business performance. Tri Wahyuningsih said XL Axiata believes that employees have an enormous role in the progress of an organization, Employee engagement has led to numerous digital innovations which are then further developed by the company as a strategic move.

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