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Data Traffic Increases Rapidly XL Axiata Continues to Build Network in Sukabumi

Sukabumi, 12 July 2021, Traffic for data service users of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to increase in various regions, including in the City and Regency of Sukabumi. In the region, in the last two years there has been an increase in data traffic by up to 88%. In order to maintain excellent data network quality and at the same time serve market demand from new areas, XL Axiata continues to develop networks, including to rural areas that were previously unreachable.


Region Group Head of XL Axiata Jabodetabek, Rd. Sofia Purbayanti said, “We have been continuously monitoring areas that have experienced a significant increase in data traffic, one of which is Sukabumi. The increase in traffic that occurred was driven by the increasing convenience of subscribers on XL Axiata network and products, as well as the continued increase in subscribers. We even detect requests from new areas. For this reason, we continue to build this data network both to improve service quality in areas that continue to experience an increase in traffic, as well as to new areas that have great potential.”


According to Sofia, currently XL Axiata network in Sukabumi has reached up to 70% of the Sukabumi area with a 4G network, consisting of 52 districts, 38 urban villages, and 326 villages. In the past year, XL Axiata has added around 109 4G BTS. A total of more than 1,150 BTS are now spread, serving more than 400 thousand subscribers. Especially in the Sukabumi City area, XL Axiata has more than 230 BTS, with the number of 3G/4G BTS almost reaching 180 BTS. This number increased by 35% compared to last year. For Sukabumi Regency, there are more than 900 BTS, of which more than 630 BTS are 3G/4G BTS, the number increased by 33% compared to last year.


In addition to focusing on building 4G networks, XL Axiata also strengthens data services by expanding the construction of fiber optic cable networks that extend to BTS in remote areas of Sukabumi. XL Axiata hopes that by connecting each BTS with fiber optic cable, it can further improve the quality of the network and of course will automatically provide more convenience to subscribers.


The construction of the latest fiber optic network in Sukabumi has been successfully carried out on 63 interconnected BTS. There are as many as 37 BTS scattered in Sukabumi City area that have been fiberized. Meanwhile, in Sukabumi Regency area, as many as 26 BTS have been fiberized. The number of BTS that will be connected to fiber optic networks throughout Sukabumi will continue to grow considering the need to improve the quality of data services in line with the significant traffic growth.


Meanwhile, related to the construction of the Cikadang Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located in Algorithm Hill, Cikadang and Cibadak Districts which is planned to become a centre for technology development such as Silicon Valley, XL Axiata is ready to support the development of telecommunications and data infrastructure. Currently, 11 4G BTS have been built in the area, as well as expanding the fiber optic network.


In addition to building a network, XL Axiata has also prepared a number of product options that the Sukabumi community can use to support their productivity. For superior prepaid products, there is AXIS Bronet which is well-known among young people, quota options start from 3 GB for an active period of 60 days at a price of 15 thousand. Subscribers can enjoy various bonus quotas for education, video conferencing, up to Tiktok. XL products offer Hotrod packages starting from 3 GB for an active period of 7 days at a price of 10 thousand. There is also Xtra Combo Lite starting from 7 GB for an active period of 30 days at a price of 25 thousand. The public can enjoy access to various applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Instagram, Youtube up to Netflix. 


All of these packages can be obtained at more than 1,000 top-up shops spread across all districts in Sukabumi. The public can also go directly to the official distributor of XL Axiata products "PT. Prima Lintas Nusantara” on Jl. Pajagalan No.8 Ruko Danalaga Square, Sukabumi City. Internet cards from XL and AXIS are also available in various supermarkets, modern channels, and various other marketplaces.


Not only that, to provide excellent service during the current pandemic, XL Axiata innovates to present an online XL Center that serves various subscriber needs, from changing SIM cards, reactivating card numbers, migrating from prepaid to priority numbers, up to activating priority numbers. That way, subscribers don't need to leave the house and visit XL Center outlet to take care of these needs. This online service has been able to be used by subscribers since April 2020 with service developments that are continuously being carried out until now.


To be able to take advantage of the XL Center online service, subscribers can access the website: , then enter the XL Center Online service, input the XL number registration that corresponds to the E-KTP and KK numbers, input personal data such as: address, frequently dialled numbers, and the last package used. Even though there are online services, as one of the essential sectors, during the current “PPKM Darurat” period, XL Center in Sukabumi is also still operating to serve subscribers who directly come while still implementing strict health protocols. XL Center Sukabumi, which is located at Ruko Danalaga Square, Sukabumi City, operates every Monday – Friday (08.00 – 17.00 WIB) and Saturday (08.00 – 13.00 WIB).


As part of the Sukabumi community, XL Axiata has also supported the distribution of data quotas for Distance Learning services since last year. In addition, from January 2019 to March 2020, XL Axiata has distributed fast-response assistance when natural disasters occurred in Sukabumi, including floods and landslides as well as earthquakes that was hit several areas in Sukabumi Regency.

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