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Makes Communication Simpler and Easier to Activate This is the Advantages of XL Axiata's e-SIM
With e-SIM, customers do not need to use a physical SIM card on their smartphone. In addition, the use of e-SIM is a more seamless process because when making a purchase through, the starter pack can be directly registered and activated from anywhere easily by using a QR code.

Jakarta, 20 October 2023. Earlier this year, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) launched an e-SIM service for all customers and communities in Indonesia. This latest innovative service from XL Axiata offers various advantages that can support customer communication needs. In addition, e-SIM activation is also effortless.


Group Head of Mass Segment of XL Axiata, Lyra Filiola, said, "The demand for e-SIM by XL Axiata customers has continued to increase since its introduction in early 2023. Therefore, to make it easier for customers and the public to get this e-SIM, we continue to strive to develop services. One of them is introducing registration and activation via a QR code. That way, customers can get this e-SIM anytime and anywhere after purchasing at"


Here are the advantages of XL Axiata's e-SIM that can increase customer convenience and flexibility:


  1. No need for a physical SIM card

One of the main advantages of e-SIM is that customers no longer need to use a physical SIM card on their smartphones. This not only reduces the potential disadvantage of losing a SIM card but also makes the device lighter and free of physical SIM slots that limit the design capabilities of the device.


  1. Easy switching of number profiles and internet plans

e-SIM makes it easy for customers to switch number profiles or packages without having to replace the physical card. Customers can easily select or change data plans or number profiles without the need to go to a physical store or receive delivery of a new SIM card. This provides greater flexibility in managing data plans and services to suit customer needs.


  1. Ease of activation

XL Axiata's e-SIM activation process is relatively easy and fast. Customers can activate e-SIM through the website  or directly visit the nearest XL Center. Customers can also activate it using a QR code.


  1. Broad compatibility

e-SIM is already supported by a number of the latest smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. It ensures that many customers can adopt e-SIM technology more easily, conveniently, and efficiently.


  1. Reduced Environmental Impact

By eliminating the need for producing and distributing physical SIM cards, e-SIM helps reduce environmental impact. It is a positive step in supporting sustainability and safeguarding natural resources.


Things to know before activating e-SIM:

  • Make sure the mobile device used is officially registered and not a black market item or purchased from abroad.
  • Make sure the device supports e-SIM technology by looking at the network specifications on the product, or you can check the network settings menu and then ensure there is an e-SIM feature on the device.


How to Activate XL Axiata's e-SIM:

1.    Select the desired e-SIM plan by accessing the website:

2.    Choose the number you want. Customers can also search for unique number combinations or numbers with special series in the search system.

3.    Complete your personal data, then proceed to the payment process.

4.    After the purchase process is successful, the QR code information and e-SIM activation code will be sent via email provided while completing the personal data.

5.     After that, from the phone settings menu: Select Cellular and Add e-SIM.

6.     Select the Use QR Code menu and scan the QR code listed on the email information.

7.     The e-SIM activation process is successful.


For customers who already have an XL number and want to change the number profile from a physical card to an e-SIM, please come to the XL Center to upgrade the physical sim card number to an e-SIM. Particularly for XL PRIORITAS users, validation will be carried out first by the XL Center to ensure that the number is ready to be upgraded to e-SIM.


Hopefully, this information and innovation can help customers and the public who want to use e-SIM services from XL Axiata to stay connected to the digital world easier, faster, and more practical.

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