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Support Islamic Boarding School Digital Education XL Axiata Provides Router and Data Quota Aid in DIY and Central Java

SLEMAN, MARCH 19, 2024. In support of the Indonesian government’s effort to improve educational infrastructure, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has once again made an important contribution by distributing routers and data quotas to several Islamic boarding schools (ponpes) across Indonesia. This initiative is part of the company's commitment to enhance digital education in Islamic boarding school environment amidst the momentum of Ramadan 1445 H. Each router comes with a 240GB data package for one year, which will be distributed to Islamic boarding schools/foundations during Ramadan in several cities. The first batch was given to Riyadhul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School in Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY).


Representatives from XL Axiata attended handover ceremony in Sleman, Monday (18/03), including the Director & Chief Technology Officer XL Axiata, I Gede Darmayusa, Chief Home Officer XL Axiata, Bernard Ho Swee Keong, Group Head People Journey XL Axiata, Rylld Ipbtas Yusri, and Group Head of Central Region XL Axiata, Arif Farhan Budiyanto.


I Gede Darmayusa, Director & Chief Technology Officer of XL Axiata, stated, "As our network infrastructure continues to expand across Indonesia, including rural areas, we certainly hope to be able to boost the digital literacy of rural communities, including improving digitalization in Islamic boarding schools. This aligns with our commitment to support government initiatives in various aspects, particularly the advancement of education in the Islamic boarding school environment. Currently, XL Axiata is actively focusing on Islamic boarding schools to empower them with a digital literacy program, aiming to transform them into pivotal drivers of the digital economy in rural areas."


"We recognize the critical role of digital technology in enhancing education quality, particularly in Islamic boarding schools. Therefore, XL Axiata has proactively initiated support measures by providing routers and a total data quota of 240GB for 12 months. We are confident that Islamic boarding schools will be well-equipped to embrace the digital era and nurture graduates who excel in the modern world," said I Gede Darmayusa.


Besides DIY, the chosen Islamic boarding schools to receive these donations are spread across various provinces, including Central Java, West Java, East Java, DKI Jakarta, South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Riau, West Sumatra, South Sulawesi, and North Sulawesi. This support aims to improve access to information and knowledge for students and teachers, while also enabling Islamic boarding schools to integrate digital learning systems into their curriculum, creating broader educational opportunities.


Ustadz Rohmanto, L.C, the head of the Riyadhul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School, added that the beneficiaries, in this case the Islamic boarding school, enthusiastically welcomes the Quota Donation Movement (GDK) program. Islamic boarding schools are currently striving to offer the best education, and this assistance will certainly mark a pivotal moment in the development of Islamic boarding schools.


XL Axiata's provision of router assistance and a 20GB data package distributed annually showcases the company's commitment to support the GDK program, aimed in helping equalize digital education in Indonesia.


Through collaboration between XL Axiata, local organizations, government agencies, and community leaders, XL Axiata aims for effective distribution and implementation of these resources. The assistance provided by XL Axiata reflects not just corporate social responsibility, but also a long-term dedication to advancing Indonesian society's development and welfare.


Donate essential items to 75 locations


During Ramadan this year, through the XL Axiata Peduli program, the company once again distributed basic food donations to 60 locations across Indonesia, including DIY and Central Java. These efforts reflect XL Axiata's ongoing dedication to building strong relationships with communities in each region.


Additionally, through the XL Axiata Baik program, XL Axiata’s employees alongside the XL Axiata Taqlim Council (MTXL), extend their support to local communities in each region by distributing basic food packages to Islamic boarding schools and foundations at 15 locations across several cities in Indonesia. Management is eager to cultivate a workplace culture where employees passionately engage with the surrounding environment to inspire and create a domino effect of positive actions to make a meaningful impact on society.


"After all, we have been part of the DIY and Central Java community for over 20 years.  It's imperative that we uphold these bonds of friendship by delivering top-tier telecommunications and data services, alongside social initiatives like this. We hope to keep supporting DIY and Central Java through various opportunities within our expertise, including advancing digital literacy in remote rural communities," emphasized Gede.


By the end of 2023, XL Axiata had established an extensive network infrastructure throughout the DIY and Central Java regions, boasting over 18,390 BTS towers, with more than 12,000 of them being 4G-enabled. Specifically within the Yogyakarta Special Region, XL Axiata operates more than 2,400 BTS, including more than 1,570 4G BTS.

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