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XL Axiata Strengthens Networks in Martapura and Banjarbaru to Support the 15th Commemoration of Guru Sekumpul

Martapura, February 21st, 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) specifically prepares its telecommunication and data network to support the “15th Commemoration of Guru Sekumpul”, whose main event will be held on March 1st, 2020, in Martapura, South Kalimantan. This annual agenda is usually attended by hundreds of thousands to a million participants from South Kalimantan. In order to fulfil their needs, XL Axiata will be increasing the capacity of its network around the event location. 


XL Axiata Central Region Regional Group Head Rd. Sofia Purbayanti said, “XL Axiata increases network capacity by upgrading BTS capacity in several points, such as all across Martapura, North Banjarbaru, South Banjarbaru, and Landasan Ulin, to strengthen data service quality around the event location. Our technical team will be standing by throughout the event. We will also open service counter on location to make it easier for people to obtain XL Axiata products or consult us about our services."


 Every year, the Guru Sekumpul Commemoration is always attended by more than a million pilgrims from various municipalities and regencies in South Kalimantan. They come to commemorate the passing of a charismatic Islamic cleric from Martapura, South Kalimantan, KH Zaini Abdul Ghani, also known as Guru Sekumpul. Through the commemoration, pilgrims seek to guard and preserve the moral values sown by Guru Sekumpul through his teachings and works. By giving its full support, XL Axiata hopes to maintain good telecommunication services around the commemoration area, both before and during the event.


XL Axiata also prepares a number of Mobile BTS to serve as backup for reinforcing signal strength around the event. Using available capacity and infrastructure, XL Axiata is optimistic that it will be able to provide maximum telecommunication and data services during the event. Moreover, the Guru Sekumpul Commemoration is highly anticipated by Muslims from all over Indonesia, especially South Kalimantan.


In South Kalimantan, XL Axiata’s 4G LTE infrastructure has reached all 13 municipalities/ regencies, supported by more than 650 4G BTS. The region is home to more than 850 thousand customers, 85% of whom subscribe to 4G service. Data service in this province is also supported by 3G network, with more than 1,000 3G BTS. There has been significant increase in data traffic every year. Throughout 2019, data traffic increased by up to 50%.


For the last two to three years, XL Axiata has been undertaking a strategic step by expanding and improving the quality of its data network, particularly 4G LTE, in areas outside of Java. This policy will continue in 2020. By the end of 2019, the overall number of XL Axiata BTS has increased to more than 130 thousand, including more than 40 thousand 4G BTS. XL Axiata’s 4G service is currently available in 425 municipalities/ regencies. XL Axiata also continues to invest in network fiberization to accommodate the rapid growth of data traffic. The company also continues to invest in network transmission, backhaul, and modernization, as well as other network improvements to support the growth in data traffic, so that it could provide stable connection, expanded network capacity, and improved data quality service in general.

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