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XL Axiata Introduces Self-Network Repair Feature Fast Solution for XL Axiata Customers for a Stable Internet Connection

Jakarta, 28 December 2022. For some people, internet access has become a daily necessity to support productivity or as a channel for recreation and entertainment anywhere and anytime. However, internet access is often hampered due to a lack of signal stability. To overcome this, XL Axiata offers easy solutions that customers can try.


Group Head Customer Contact Center of XL Axiata, M.Yunus said, "For those of you who are active internet users, when you are browsing, streaming or playing games while traveling and suddenly you experience problems with an unstable internet connection, this can happen because when changing locations, the internet profile on your number has not been detected optimally by network transmitter towers around the area.


These are some steps to overcome the obstacles:

  1. Activating the Flight Mode for about 1 minute then deactivating it again, after that try to access the internet again.


  1. If the step has not succeeded, XL Axiata customers can make network repairs independently by accessing the Live Chat Feature in the myXL application. Here are the steps:
  • Open the myXL application, then access the menu of Live Chat from the XL Care menu  
  • From the main menu Chat, choose “Other Menu”
  • Choose the Troubleshoot & Help menu
  • Then choose the Internet Troubleshoot menu
  • Choose “Yes” so that Maya can help fix the network in Your number.
  • Type “Yes” to confirm the cellphone number, or type another number that wants Maya to help fix the network.
  • Enter the OTP code which has been sent to Your cellphone number.
  • The network repair is completed to be done; you could also receive the SMS network repair notification. Do not forget to turn off and restart your cellphone after 5 minutes.


Hopefully, this solution can help you get a stable internet connection through the Live Chat feature on the myXL application.

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