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Secure Seamless Connectivity during Eid XL Axiata Strengthened Network Across Three Key Sea Crossing Routes

JAKARTA, APRIL 6, 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk has ensured its network readiness to accommodate and facilitate the Eid homecoming traffic this year in all areas accessible to the community, including both land and sea routes. Specifically focusing on sea transportation, XL Axiata has enhanced its #jadilebihbaik (#better) network along three bustling crossing routes: Merak – Bakauheni, Ketapang – Gilimanuk, and Padang Bai – Selamat.


I Gede Darmayusa, Director & Chief Technology Officer of XL Axiata, stated, "For this purpose, XL Axiata has expanded capacity, upgraded technology, and installed new sites. Consequently, passengers aboard ferries will experience strong 4G signals, enabling various data access activities. We hope that the facilities we provide will support the provision of high-quality telecommunications and data services for travelers. Moreover, in the long run, they will contribute to initiatives aimed at ensuring equitable access to high-speed internet in remote areas, particularly in support of tourism."


Gede added, through network enhancement in these maritime transit zones, the 4G signal experiences a substantial boost, significantly improving the convenience for the public and customers to engage in various data services while traveling on the ferry. This includes seamless streaming of videos, accessing gaming platforms, browsing, and more. Internet connectivity at sea can now reach speeds of up to 95 Mbps. Previously, prior to the reinforcement, customers often encountered challenges accessing the internet when vessels traversed mid-sea due to the greater distance from the serving BTS. Beyond speed, this enhancement also accommodates a larger passenger base.


Throughout the year, millions of travelers embark on journeys along the three bustling crossing routes. Merak – Bakauheni spans 16 nautical miles with a travel duration of around 2 hours, linking Java with Sumatra. Ketapang – Gilimanuk covers approximately 3 nautical miles, with a travel time about 1 hour, connecting Java with Bali. Meanwhile, the Padang Bai – Selamat route extends 38 nautical miles, requiring around 4.5 hours to traverse, linking Bali with Lombok.


Enhancing internet connectivity along these sea crossing routes aligns with XL Axiata's network readiness as the extended Eid holiday started this weekend. Strengthening telecommunications infrastructure needs to be done to anticipate potential surges in data traffic during the long Eid holiday. For this reason, XL Axiata has conducted network trials along major homecoming routes across various regions, including Sumatra. XL Axiata management anticipates a traffic surge of approximately 10% to 20% throughout the Eid period compared to regular days.


In addition to increasing capacity, other anticipatory steps include network optimization by analyzing potential mobility patterns of individuals or customers during Eid festivities. Consequently, specific attention will be directed towards areas commonly visited during homecoming and holiday.


XL Axiata has also prepared sufficient resources, comprising standby technical teams that will monitor network conditions 24/7, along with field teams that are ready for immediate deployment if needed. Furthermore,  a fleet of approximately 94 mobile BTS units has been dispatched to reinforce network strength in congested areas. Monitoring of network conditions across all operational zones is conducted from XL Axiata's headquarters through the Customer Experience & Service Operation Center (CESOC) monitoring facility.

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