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Promo of Ramadan and Eid #AdaUntukKebaikan XL Axiata Presents eSIM and Discounts on Internet Packages of up to 70%
Welcoming the month of Ramadan and Eid, XL Axiata presents eSIM and attractive promos of up to 70% for purchasing XL and AXIS prepaid internet products, postpaid XL PRIORITAS, XL SATU, and XL Axiata Business Solutions. This offer starts from 20 March – 27 April 2023.


Jakarta, 24 March 2023.  Welcoming the month of Ramadan and Eid this year, PT XL Axiata (XL Axiata) with the theme of #AdaUntukKebaikan presents eSIM and a variety of attractive offers on almost all service products. One of them is the promo offer for purchasing XL and AXIS prepaid products through the myXL and AXISNet applications in the form of internet package discounts of up to 70% and Games, Social Media, and Streaming Quota Bonuses.


Attractive promos are also provided for XL PRIORITAS post-paid service customers, namely a 2-month Bonus by buying a 3-month internet package through the XL PRIORITAS Website and Official Store (Tokopedia & Shopee). XL SATU, the first convergence product in Indonesia from XL Axiata, also offers promos in the form of free speed upgrades for 6 months for new customers, free streaming application subscriptions, and also expands the network to several cities in Indonesia.


Director & Chief Commercial Officer of XL Axiata, David Arcelus Oses said, "Ramadan and Eid are special moments for the Indonesian people, where data usage traffic usually increases significantly. The increase in traffic was triggered by their increased digital activity in filling the prayer period throughout Ramadan and during the long Eid holiday. Therefore, apart from ensuring adequate data network capacity, we also provide service products with attractive promos, including big discounts such as those that apply to prepaid XL and AXIS customers, PRIORITAS post-paid, and customers for home internet from XLSATU fiber."

David added, besides providing a variety of attractive product choices, XL Axiata has also prepared features in the myXL application. This self-care feature is the Refresh Network Button, Credit Control, and Search Features that customers can do themselves to help smooth customer activities during the month of Ramadan. Here's how to use this feature in the myXL app:

  • Refresh Network Button, which allows the customers to refresh the parameter of the network through myXL application, after being refreshed the network will be more stable. How: Enter the myXL application, click icon of XL Care, then enter the Network icon.  


  • Credit Control, which allows the customers to be able to lock credit from the services outside the main package. This feature is also a tool for security and transparency. How: Enter the myXL, Tab Profile, and Click Credit Control.


  • Search Feature, functioning to filter searching package that is suitable to the customer preferences. Inside there is a filter for price, package, and quota. How: Enter the myXL app, click the XL Store icon, and find the package using the magnifying glass icon on the top right.

The followings are the promo for Ramadan and Eid offered by XL Axiata with the promo period of 20 March – 27 April 2023:

XL SATU Fiber Promo Speed Upgrade

XL SATU Fiber is the first convergence product in Indonesia from XL Axiata also presents several promos that can be enjoyed by the customers of XL SATU Fiber:

  1. Ramadan Promo speed upgrade for the new customers:
  • With only IDR. 276 thousand/month customers can get unlimited fiber home internet with a speed upgrade from 30Mbps to 50Mbps during 6 months and a shared cell phone quota of 15 GB for one family in one bill. Various other interesting packages can be seen on the website of
  • Shared cell phone quota applies for customers of XL and XL PRIORITAS.
  • Vidio Platinum and CATCHPLAY+ Movie Lovers subscription bonuses for 12 months.  
  • Lionsgate Play subscription bonus for 3 months.
  • Free of installation and device rental fee, including XL HOME ENTERTAINMENT BOX (STB)
  • Promo period of 23 March – 30 April 2023


  1. For the customers of XL SATU Fiber there is a new feature and partner content. Now the shared cell phone quota of XL SATU fiber can be enjoyed by the XL PRIORITAS customers as well. It is very easy to get it, only by registering your or your family’s XL PRIORITAS number at myXL application on your account of XL SATU Fiber. Not only that, now the entertainment at home is more fun with LIONSGATE PLAY which can be accessed at XL HOME ENTERTAINMENT BOX (STB), the customers can watch various world-class box office shows.  



eSIM of XL

eSIM is one of the new services from XL Axiata where prepaid XL customers now don't need to use a physical sim card on their smartphone. Some of the advantages of eSIM are:


·       Accelerating the customer process to buy XL numbers without having to buy physically through the store, no need to wait for the delivery time.  

·       Customers get a larger quota and a longer validity period.

Especially for new customers, XL eSIM can now be purchased at the XL web store: starting at IDR 30,000 to IDR 60,000 with a total quota of up to 166GB including a full-year double quota bonus. At this early stage, old customers can also get eSIM at 27 XL Centers, and will soon be available at all other XL Centers.


Discount up to 70% Special for You at myXL and AXISnet

Customers can get the special opportunity such as:

·       Discount up to 70% + bonus of game, social media, and streaming quota for each purchase of internet package according to the customer profile at myXL application and AXISnet starts 20 March – 27 April 2023.  

·       Maximizing the self-care feature available in the application to smooth the activities during Ramadhan month.


Prepaid XL There is a Special Offer Everyday

    1. Special Offer of Ramadan

Each purchase of the Akrab package, Xtra Combo Plus, and Xtra Combo VIP Plus at myXL during Ramadan can get the bonus of Vidio Platinum of 30 days and free of Noice application access without quota.


  1. Cheap Redeem

Cheap redemption starting from 1,000 data packages of 100MB and voucher bonus of McDonald’s, MAP, Tokopedia, Indomaret, Alfamart, or Smart Class for each transaction of data package activation at myXL application with the minimum transaction of Data Package for 90,000 (limited supplies).

Or cheap redemption starting from 1,000 Xtra Quota of VIU or Vidio for each transaction of the highest variant Xtra Combo Mini package activation.


  1. Flash Sale

Special offering every day at 15:00 – 18:00 WIB and 02:00 – 05:00 WIB only at my XL application:

The quota of Social Media, Video Streaming, and Games starts from 500

Discount of vouchers or Diamond Games up to 40%

Discount of Video Streaming Voucher up to 30% with PROMO CODE: XLFUN


  1. THR Deals

Discount up to 80.000 for the package activation of Akrab, VIP Plus, Umroh Plus, at myXL application. Also enjoy the following additional discounts & cashback: 25,000 discount by using PROMO CODE: THR. Xtra Cashback up to 35% pay with GoPay



5.   Ramadan Promo for the customers who have not been using XL Card yet

Xtra Combo Flex Prime Card with a choice of Ramadan Quota Bonus up to 40 GB. Bonus valid at 01:00 - 06:00 am.Available at the nearest credit store, XL Official Store Shopee & Tokopedia, and also at the XL Web Store:

 Package AXIS of ‘Jam Kritis’ and ‘Anti Batal’

    1. ‘Jam Kritis’ Package is the package with the main quota, sahur quota (00-06) and ‘bedug’ quota (17-20) starts from 11GB of IDR 17,900 for 3 days up to 20GB of IDR 49,900 for 30 days.


  1. Social Media Package of ‘Anti Batal’ is the package with the main quota, social media quota, and chat 5GB quota of IDR 7,500 for 3 days.


  1. Viewing Package of ‘Anti Batal’ is the package with the main quota and favorite viewing application quota and bonus of premium access to the application, starting from 3GB + 3GB of IDR 11,900 for 3 days.


  1. Gaming Package of ‘Anti Batal’ is the package with main quota + Garena shell bonus starting from 1GB of IDR 12,900 for 1 day.


  1. Promo Voucher Special of Ramadan is the promo voucher to get the sahur quota bonus (00-06) / bedug quota (17-20) and gmaps quota for exodus when activating the package in AXISnet.


  1. Discount at feature “Jam Berkah” application of AXISNET is the promo of internet package discount during Ramadan at 16.00 – 19.00 WIB (This promo period is only available from 20 March – 22 April 2022).


Promo of points 1 - 5 can be obtained from 20 March – 28 April at AXISNET application.            


XL PRIORITAS Pay at the End and Pay at the Beginning


1.     myPRIO X Pay at the End (Paylater) in the form of the first monthly bill bonus, added with a discount of 30% for the second and third month, for the registration of myPRIO X from the Gold up to Ultima plan.

Promo applies for the purchase through XL Center, Whatsapp Business of XL PRIORITAS (0818800055), and Live Chat at XL PRIORITAS Website This offering applies up to 30 April 2023.

2.     myPRIO X Pay at the Beginning (Upfront) in the form of: 

    • Buy a Package of 2 months, Get 3 months
    • Buy a Package of 3 months, Get 5 months
    • Period: up to 30 April 2023
    • Valid for registration of myPRIO X from Gold to Ultima Plan
    • Promo valid for the purchase through the Website of XL PRIORITAS and the Official Store of XL PRIORITAS Tokopedia & Shopee


3.     Bundling device package of myPRIO DEAL

·       Offer: Extra Youtube of 15GB for 3 months

·       Period: up to 30 April 2023

·       Valid for registration of myPRIO DEAL from Gold to Ultima plan

·       Promo valid for purchase through:

                                                 14 XL Centers in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Lombok

                                                 Mitra Smartphone Store : Erafone, Trio, GTN, Celullar World, Fonel

                                                  Online Channel : Blibli, Tokopedia


4.     Additional Bonus of VIDIO Platinum such as: bonus for subscription of Vidio Platinum 30 days for new users of Gold plan and Bonus for subscription of Vidio Platinum up to 1 year of new Users of Platinum to Ultima Plan

XL Axiata Business Solutions Promo of Post-paid BIZ and Digital Rewards

 Special for B2B customers, XL Axiata Business Solutions also provides special offerings of Ramadan for several solutions:

 1.     Promo of Post-paid BIZ 

  • Vouchers up to 50 million  
  • Valid for new activation and upgrade plan (special for MSMEs)
  • Promo period: up to 31 May 2023

          2.     Promo of Digital rewards  

  • Free Smartphone and discount of up to 44%
  • Promo period: up to 20 May 2023  

3.     Special Price of Google Workspace Business Starter 

  • Special price of IDR 50,000/license/month (the initial price of IDR 65,000/license/month)
  • Promo period: up to 31 July 2023

4.     Manage the Service of Wifi 

  • Discount of 15% for customers with the new installation
  • Promo period: up to 30 April 2023


Corporate customers who wish to get special offers during the month of Ramadan can directly call 817 (only for XL numbers) or 02157959817 (for non-XL) or contact our Account Manager.


To ensure customer convenience in enjoying the various Ramadan promo offers, XL Axiata has prepared a data and telecommunication network throughout Ramadan until the long Eid holiday. XL Axiata also continues to improve service coverage and data network quality. Development for the expansion and improvement of the quality of network infrastructure, both the addition of 4G BTS and also fiberization continues to be carried out in various regions in Indonesia. Until now, XL Axiata's 4G network has served more than 57 million customers with service coverage in more than 61 thousand villages, 5,700 districts, and 469 regencies in 34 Indonesian provinces, supported by more than 145 thousand BTS including more than 90 thousand of 4G BTS, as well as a fiber optic backbone network that extends for more than 130 thousand km, supports the data network spread across the vast Indonesian Archipelago.


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