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XL Axiata Network Readiness Towards the End of the Year
December in every year is one of the busiest months for us besides Ramadan and Eid. It is none other than December being a long vacation time for some Indonesian people, including XL Axiata customers. For us, the word "vacation" means increasing customer demands for excellent data and telecommunications services wherever and whenever. Vacation also means selfies and uploading photos on social media. During the holidays, customers will play more games, watch streaming movies and videos, and also listen to music. Coupled with the growing popularity of the archipelago tourist destinations including those located throughout the country. In essence, data traffic is likely to surge evenly across the XL Axiata service area from mid-month to early January next year.


XL Axiata always prioritizes customer comfort and satisfaction with the services provided. One of our main focuses, of course, is crowded places such as tourist attractions, shelters, malls, airports, train stations, toll roads and amusement parks. These places have the potential to become a point of traffic spike and need an adequate network capacity increase. Therefore, we will continue to monitor and evaluate the capacity and performance of the network in these crowded places to ensure that customer needs can always be met.

We have anticipated this by preparing a network that will be able to serve traffic spikes of more than 30% on normal days. In addition, we also prepare network engineering scenarios if there is traffic density in a location by diverting traffic to networks that are in other locations that are still loose. In order to ensure customer comfort as well, throughout 2019 we have improved the capabilities of the data network by adding more than 12,500 BTS which are dominated by 4G BTS. A number of popular tourist destinations have now been served by 4G data networks, such as Lake Toba, Bangka and Belitung, Bandung, Borobudur, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, to Labuhan Bajo.

In addition, we have also done fiberisation which currently covers around 40% of the entire existing network, which means the network capacity has also become much greater. This increase in data network capacity will make customers more comfortable in accessing a variety of data services that support the smooth running of their holidays, such as travel navigation services, ticket purchases, accommodation, and payment through e-wallet. We are therefore optimistic that the XL Axiata network will be able to serve the needs of customers while enjoying long year-end and early-year holidays.



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