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Achieving “WOW Brand Indonesia 2021” Live.On Generation Z Choice Operator

Jakarta, March 28th 2021 - Here to serve young professionals who consume higher than average data per month, Live.on has won the WOW Brand Indonesia 2021 award. Live.on won the award from MarkPlus, Inc for the Digital Operator category. In the same event, XL Axiata also won an award in the Celular Operator category.


XL Axiata Group Head of Corporate Communication, Tri Wahyuningsih said, "These two awards are strategic enough for us because they are based on choices from generation Z. This means that this award proves that our brand and products are able to meet the needs of generation Z, which is our potential customer segment in the future and at the same time will be the basis of the market in the years to come.


Tri Wahyuningsih added that XL Axiata and Live.on will continue to develop the service products in accordance with the expectations of the younger generation, including generation Z. In addition, they will also increase the support programs for this segment, especially those aimed at supporting them in creating and more productive. This needs to be done considering that generation Z has a character which, among others, intensively uses all digital means, has an ambition to achieve success, and requires freedom of expression and creation.


Meanwhile, Live.On's Global Digital Strategy and Transformation (Indonesia), Christoefel Champ Chayadi welcomes the award that Live.on has successfully won. According to him, this award reflects Live.on's mission, which is truly striving to return full control to users through a capable digital telecommunication service experience and complete control over their data packages.


"By offering one large quota without restrictions on application, network, and usage time; With a data rollover feature and a 100% digital experience, Live.On has proven to answer the needs of the digital literate youth segment to enjoy their digital lifestyle in their own way, "continued Christoefel.


The WOW Brand Indonesia 2021 award was given based on a survey conducted by MarkPlus, Inc. to 5,800 respondents aged 18-35 years who live in various cities in Indonesia. According to the organizers, there are five aspects that are considered in this research survey which refers to the concept of Philip Kotler, "The Father of Marketing", 5A: Awareness, Appealing, Asking, Act, and Advocate.


To measure these five aspects, MarkPlus Inc. uses the method of Purchase Action Ratio (PAR) and Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) methods. PAR is a measure that compares consumers who know a brand with those who buy. If the PAR value is high, it means that the product is likely to be purchased. Meanwhile, BAR measures how a brand is able to turn awareness into action or advocate. The higher the BAR value, the better the reputation of the brand.


According to Christoefel Champ Chayadi, during its operation, Live.On has achieved a 100% successful delivery rate, and a 99% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). To further please users, Live.On strives to provide easy and hassle-free digital telecommunication services. Live.On hopes to continue to innovate and change the industrial landscape by setting new standards for Indonesians to enjoy telecommunication services.


Best High Data Value Packages

With its promise for a large quota for all apps, networks and time bands, Live.On introduces a special offer for new users. Since mid-March, new users can enjoy an additional 5 - 10GB quota bonus when purchasing a 25GB or 50GB starter package. With the same price of Rp. 69,000 and Rp. 114,000, in this limited period, users will get a total of 35GB and 55GB quota that can be used entirely. Don't miss it and see more information by visiting the Live.On website.


Award of TOP Digital Company Awards 2021


Recently, XL Axiata through its XL Home product won an award at the TOP Digital Company Awards 2021 for the category "The Best In Building Digital Transformation". This award is given because XL Axiata is considered as one of the companies that has successfully carried out digital transformation, one of which is through the XL Home product.


The Top Digital Award is an award event initiated by Marketing Magazine to companies from 49 industry categories in Indonesia that are considered successful in carrying out digital transformation. The assessment of this award is carried out through two stages of assessment, namely through the survey process of External audit and Internal audit based on five assessment categories, namely product awareness, customer touch points, organizational initiatives, strategic initiatives and process quality.

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