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Jump into Action in 2024 FMC - XL SATU Fiber Network Now Covers 86 Cities/Regencies
XL Axiata in December 2023 also launched a network development of more than 1.7 million homepasses throughout 2024. XL SATU Fiber subscribers have reached around 231 thousand by the end of 2023.

Jakarta, 25 January 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) begins 2024 with an expanding Fix Mobile Convergence (FMC) network. The total area currently served by the innovative FMC - XL SATU Fiber service is 86 cities/regencies. The FMC network expansion will continue to expand this year.

Chief Home Officer of XL Axiata, Bernard Ho, said, "We continue to expand our FMC network to areas that have potential for market development, as well as demand. In addition, we also have to speed up the distribution of FMC networks so that we don't miss the momentum of the growing demand for FMC services. For this reason, XL Axiata in December 2023 also planned to build a network of more than 1.7 million homepasses throughout 2024.

To date, XL SATU Fiber services have reached 24 provinces.

  • North Sumatra: Medan City, Binjai City, Deli Serdang Regency, Pematangsiantar City, Simalungun Regency
  • Riau: Pekanbaru City, Kampar Regency
  • Riau Islands: Batam City
  • West Sumatera: Padang City
  • South Sumatera: Palembang City
  • Jambi: Jambi City
  • Lampung: Bandar Lampung City
  • DKI Jakarta: East Jakarta Administrative City, North Jakarta Administrative City, South Jakarta Administrative City, West Jakarta Administrative City and Central Jakarta Administrative City
  • Banten: South Tangerang City, Tangerang City and Tangerang Regency
  • Yogyakarta: Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta City, Sleman Regency
  • Central Java: Semarang City, Cilacap Regency, Banyumas Regency, Pemalang Regency, Demak Regency, Purbalingga Regency, Magelang Regency, Wonosobo Regency, Pati Regency, Pekalongan City.
  • West Java: Bekasi City, Bogor Regency, Depok City, Bandung City, Garut Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, Cirebon City, Subang Regency, Kuningan Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Ciamis Regency, Cianjur Regency, West Bandung Regency
  • East Java: Surabaya City, Jombang Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Jember Regency, Sidoarjo Regency, Sumenep Regency, Banyuwangi Regency, Pamekasan Regency, Gresik Regency, Sampang Regency, Tulungagung Regency, Bojonegoro Regency, Probolinggo Regency, Ponorogo Regency
  • Bali: Denpasar City, Badung Regency, Tabanan Regency, Gianyar Regency, Jembrana Regency and Klungkung Regency
  • West Nusa Tenggara: Mataram City, West Lombok Regency, East Lombok Regency
  • South Kalimantan: Banjarmasin City, Banjarbaru City, Banjar Regency, Barito Kuala Regency
  • East Kalimantan: Balikpapan City, Samarinda City
  • West Kalimantan: Pontianak City, Kubu Raya Regency
  • Central Kalimantan: Palangkaraya City
  • Southeast Sulawesi: Kendari City
  • North Sulawesi: Manado City
  • Gorontalo: Gorontalo Regency
  • South Sulawesi: Makassar City, Gowa Regency, Maros Regency
  • Central Sulawesi: Palu City, Sigi Regency

XL SATU Fiber subscribers have reached around 231 thousand by the end of 2023. The availability of XL Satu Fiber services in these new areas allows local communities to get access to fixed broadband-based home internet services as well as mobile broadband in one package. Thus, XL SATU Fiber customers will be able to be more flexible in accessing the internet both at home and outside the home so that their productivity can be maximised. 

XL SATU Fiber Package Options

In terms of products, XL SATU Fiber also offers a variety of superior service products that can be enjoyed by customers. Especially for new customers and those who subscribe via website, XL SATU Fiber is holding TERLALU Promo (New Year's subscription XL SATU Promo) providing free speed upgrade promo for the first 3 months* and free installation worth IDR 500 thousand, with the promo period valid until 31 January 2024: 

  • VALUE Package (Discounted price from 304 thousand to 259 thousand/month*): Free speed booster from up to 30Mbps to up to 75Mbps + Bonus 8GB XL & PRIORITAS Mobile Phone quota
  • SMART Package (Discounted price from 379 thousand to 334 thousand/month*): Free speed booster from up to 50Mbps to up to 150Mbps + Bonus 15 GB XL & PRIORITAS Mobile Phone quota
  • FAMILY Package (Discounted price from 459 thousand to 399 thousand/month*): Free speed booster from up to 75Mbps to up to 200Mbps + Bonus 25 GB XL & PRIORITAS Mobile Phone quota

To get information about this offer and check the coverage area of XL SATU, people can visit the website


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