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Introduce XL SATU BIZ Package Through ‘Bincang UKM’ Event XL Axiata Encourages Digitalization of SMEs in Makassar
‘Bincang UKM’ Event is a series of events held by XL Axiata Business Solutions with the concept of sharing knowledge from entrepreneurs who have been successful and run their businesses successfully with business owners in various cities. On this occasion, ‘Bincang UKM’ held in Makasar introduced XL SATU BIZ which can increase business efficiency and productivity in one convenience.

Makassar, 5 December 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS) is committed to continuing to encourage the digitalization and transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. To realize this commitment, XL Axiata Business Solutions continues to introduce the benefits of XL SATU BIZ as a means of digitalizing business management to the SME business community in various cities, one of which is Makassar, South Sulawesi. In the City of ‘Angin Mamiri’, XLABS held a #BincangUKM event with the theme "Sharing the Secrets of Successfully Building a Business", recently.


Director & Chief Enterprise Business & Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata, Yessie D. Yosetya said, "According to data from Kominfo, only one in three SMEs in Indonesia has digitalized its business, therefore XL Axiata through XLABS wants to accompany and help digital transformation for various SME businesses. "XL Axiata considers that digital transformation and understanding digital language is important because it can scale up, increase profits and speed up adaptation with increasingly advanced digital technology in the business world."


This #bincangUKM is a roadshow event held from city to city that presents successful entrepreneurs in their fields. Especially in Makassar city, the event was motivated by the proliferation of coffee shops. Apart from Makassar City, this event has been held in 4 cities, including Medan, Bandung, Jakarta, and Semarang. And in the future, there will be many cities in Indonesia that will be visited with the same goal, namely helping digitalize SMEs to scale up. By subscribing to XL SATU BIZ at least half of your business preparations are completed so you can focus on other operations.


By presenting speakers from Makassar SME business people, namely the Founder of Kopi Chuseyo, Daniel Hermansyah, and the legendary coffee figure in Makassar, Daeng Sija, the #BincangUKM event was attended by the SME community in Makassar and its surroundings. Both speakers explained tips for building a business that they had used to achieve their current success. They also recognize the need for digitalization to manage and develop SME businesses in today's digital era.


As the people of Makassar know, Kopi Chuseyo, with its quite creative coffee shop concept with a K-pop concept, is a place where K-pop fans gather. Meanwhile, a coffee figure in Makasar, Daeng Sija, currently has more than 70 coffee shop branches throughout Indonesia. Like in various big cities in Indonesia, the city of Makassar has now mushroomed in the coffee shop business.


XL SATU BIZ Package to increase SME’s productivity


By using the XL SATU BIZ package, SME managers can increase business efficiency and productivity in one fell swoop, and half of the work in starting a business has been completed. XL SATU BIZ itself offers benefits in the form of high-speed WiFi internet access up to 300Mbps. The quota provided by this special SME package is also large, namely up to 100GB, which can be distributed among 10 employees, as well as a free Majoo subscription. Majoo is an entrepreneurial application to help manage your business more easily, which includes many features, services, and various other advantages for SMEs.


Currently, there are two XL SATU BIZ package options that SME customers can have, namely the XL SATU BIZ Starter package, and the XL SATU BIZ Prime. Each package provides internet access speed benefits, as well as a shared data quota that can be shared among several XL prepaid numbers. Customers will also get free calls and send SMS to fellow XL and AXIS customers, as well as access to the Majoo application. In addition, the subscription price includes a WiFi router and installation of the necessary devices.


The following is the completeness of the XL SATU BIZ package that SMEs can have:


1.     XL SATU BIZ Starter Package


2.    XL SATU BIZ Prime Package   

  • IDR 609.000/month (not including PPN) 
  • Internet speed up to 300 Mbps  
  • Shared quota of 100GB, can be shared to 10 XL prepaid numbers  
  • 5 starter pack of BIZ On
  • Free calls/SMS to fellow XL/AXIS users
  • Cashback of GoPay for BIZ On package purchase
  • Complete Entrepreneurial Application Majoo with the 24-hour customer support services  
  • Including WiFi router and free of installation


Apart from the complete packages above, SMEs can also enjoy managed services of WiFi with prices starting from IDR 150 thousand per month and Open WiFi products for IDR 2,799,000 at one time. XLABS provides complete integrated ICT solutions for corporate needs and is a digital transformation partner for SMEs. Further information regarding solutions from XLABS can be accessed at


After being launched in May 2023, in the next 6 months, the XL SATU BIZ service package has had more than 2,700 SME customers throughout Indonesia. For SMEs who are interested in subscribing to XL SATU BIZ, you can contact XLABS representatives at the 24-hour call center at number 820 (only for XL) and 021-57959817 (other than XL), live chat You can also fill out the digital form

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