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XL Axiata - BAKTI Cooperation Procurement of Internet Services for BUMDes

Jakarta, February 21st 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) and the Information and Telecommunication Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (KEMKOMINFO) have collaborated to facilitate internet services for Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). Through this collaboration, XL Axiata will provide ISP (Internet Service Provider) services to two BUMDes, namely BUMDes Gerbang Lentera in Semarang and BUMDes Bumi Dipasena Jaya in Tulang Bawang, Lampung. This cooperation was marked by the signing of a Tripartite Cooperation Agreement between XL Axiata, BAKTI and both BUMDes on Tuesday (16/02).


Director of Information Telecommunication Services for Business Entities of BAKTI at KEMKOMINFO, Dhia Anugrah Febriansa stated, “The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has been felt by most Indonesians, including in rural areas. The lack of adequate internet access has an impact on the slow absorption of the community in terms of the economy, education and other sectors. The large number of community businesses under the auspices of BUMDes makes this institution the best forum, especially for small and medium enterprises to develop. This collaboration comes in the form of internet services from XL Axiata for BUMDes as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). For that, we always facilitate and provide opportunities for all parties who wish to work together to support the acceleration of growth in various sectors in rural areas."


Meanwhile, Chief Enterprise and SME Officer of XL Axiata, Feby Sallyanto stated, "The two BUMDes will receive internet services from XL Axiata according to their respective needs. The distribution and utilization of the services will be fully utilized by each BUMDes both to support business and education processes."


Feby Sallyanto added, through this cooperation, XL Axiata also encourages the acceleration of digital economic development by conducting various kinds of training to market products digitally so that businesses can target a wider market. In addition, he also hopes that in the future this cooperation will target more BUMDes in Indonesia.


Further, Director of Economic & Investment Institutional Development for Disadvantaged Regions & Transmigration of the Ministry of PDDP, Drs. Nugroho Setyo, M.Si explained, "The BUMDes collaboration with ISPs will ensure the sustainability of infrastructure and internet network. In addition, at the same time BUMDes can play a role as a centre of digital learning for rural communities that will accelerate the formation of digital ecosystems in villages in general and specifically encourage the production process up to more efficient marketing. Over the next three years, XL Axiata will provide internet services that can specifically be utilized maximally by both BUMDes and the local community in developing their business."


In order to continue to support the use of the internet by rural communities, XL Axiata continues the network fiberization process. This fiberization is to support the improvement of data network quality in each area because one of the benefits of this process is that the transport network capacity becomes larger. Fiberization is proven to be able to improve network quality to support a number of data services with large capacities as well as services needed by rural businesses, such as market places, video streaming, and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT).


The BAKTI BUMDes Partnership Program is a BAKTI orchestration program in carrying out sustainable independent internet services, to meet village needs through collaboration between BAKTI, Internet Access Providers and Village-Owned Enterprises and is supported by the relevant Ministries, Institutions and Regional Governments.

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