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XL Axiata Responded to Flood Disaster by Delivering Aid to Flood Victims in Jabodetabek
Jakarta, January 5, 2020, In order to help residents who fell victim to the recent flood disaster, PT XL Axiata, Tbk (XL Axiata) delivered aid to a number of flooded areas in Jabodetabek. The emergency aid was prepared in the form of daily necessities, including ready-to-eat meals and beverages. Delivery to victims in the flood location was done directly by  XL Axiata Jabodetabek Region Group Head, Francky Rinaldo Pakpahan, in Kebon Pala, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, on Thursday (2/1).


XL Axiata Jabodetabek Region Group Head, Francky Rinaldo Pakpahan said, “This aid shows our care to help the people of Indonesia, particularly residents of Jakarta and its surrounding areas who became victims of the flood. We are concerned by the disaster and hope that our aid could help ease the burden of victims. We also deeply sympathize with the victims and hope that their ordeal will soon end as the situation improves.

Aside from emergency aid in the form of daily necessities such as ready-to-eat meals and beverages, XL Axiata also opened Flood Coordination Posts around flooded areas. These posts are equipped with free Public Telephone (TUG) and charging stations which can be used by residents for communication purposes. Additionally, XL Axiata distributed SIM card starter packs to volunteers to assist them in coordinating with one another, and also internet access to enable residents to receive the latest updates on the flood in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.



During the flood, XL Axiata network generally remains safe, enabling customers to keep using its services. Although, there are a number of BTS affected by the loss of electricity in several flooded areas in Jakarta. A field team from XL Axiata continues to supply electricity using mobile generators to ensure that the affected BTS may keep operating normally.

Meanwhile, outside of Jakarta, emergency aid was also delivered to dozens of other flooded areas in Jabodetabek, including Bekasi, Tangerang, and Lebak, Banten. In Tangerang, XL Axiata opened a flood coordination post in Ciledug Indah Housing Complex, an area in Tangerang worst affected by the flood.  As in Jakarta, the flood coordination post in Ciledug Indah Housing Complex is equipped with TUG and charging stations, as well as emergency assistance. Until now, the flood coordination post continues to provide telecommunication services and deliver daily necessities emergency aid for flood victims in the location.

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