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Mobility of the People Increases Excellent Network of XL Axiata Available from Demak to Blora


Demak, 30 April 2021. The level of mobility and economic activity of the people in Central Java, which continues to increase, encourages PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) to continue to ensure the availability of reliable telecommunication and data services. One of the areas in this province that is of concern to XL Axiata is Central Java of North - East, which includes seven regencies/cities that are Demak, Pati, Kudus, Jepara, Tembang, Grobogan up to Blora. This distinctive operator in blue ensures the availability of an adequate infrastructure network in this large area, in line with the needs of customers and the growing market.


Group Head Central Region of XL Axiata, Bambang Parikesit said that “The area extending along North Coast lane from Demak, Pati, Kudus, Jepara, Rembang up to the East Java border, as well as the lane of Semarang, Grobogan, up to Blora and Cepu, is one of the economic main buffer areas of Central Java. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for telecommunication and data services there is growing quite rapidly. In the last two years, the average traffic has increased by up to 300 percent. So, this is a very potential area. XL Axiata is committed to provide an infrastructure and service network that can meet customer expectation there. "


Bambang Parikesit added that currently XL Axiata has around 1,100 BTS spread across the seven cities / regencies, serving a total of around 1.2 million subscribers. As much as 78% of the total BTS are 3G and 4G BTS. XL Axiata's network has reached 109 districts in all regencies, including to more than 1,700 villages. The “fiberization” program continues to be carried out to all existing BTS in order to increase network capacity so that data quality can be maximized. In recent years, the company has also continued to expand to areas where cellular service is not yet covered.


In the last two years, XL Axiata data service traffic has continued to increase by around 300% with the highest increase in PatiRegency. This traffic has the potential to continue to increase considering that the people of Central Java in general are increasingly dependent on various digital services to support productivity and gain access to entertainment services. Even to remote villages such as in RanduBlatung, Blora, people now use data services for various economic activities. Not to mention, school children and college students also have to take part in distance learning.


In addition, Bambang explained, if the toll road currently being built from Semarang to Demak is completed and operated, then the economic activity will increase and spur the growth of various economic sectors. Apart from being known as the main route that connects the cities of Central Java to East Java, Pati, Kudus, and Blora are known as areas with various industries, both large and on the scale of MSMEs. In addition, these seven regencies also have a variety of tourist destinations ranging from those that carry natural beauty such as beaches and sea in Jepara, to religious tourism destinations in Demak, Kudus, to Rembang.


XL Axiata now has a number of product choices that can be used by the public, including students and college students. Of the prepaid premium products, there is AXIS Bronet which is well known among the student segment. This product offers a choice of quota starting from 3GB for an active period of 60 days at a price of IDR 15,000. Customers can enjoy various bonus quotas for education, video conference, games, up to Tiktok.


Meanwhile, for XL products, there is a choice of HotrodSpecial packages starting from 5 GB for an active period of 10 days at a price of IDR 10,000. There is also Xtra Combo Lite starting from 8 GB for an active period of 30 days at a price of IDR 30,000. With this package, people can enjoy access to various applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Instagram, Youtube to Netflix. For postpaid services, XL Prioritas offers several excellent products including the "myprio X Silver" package with a quota of 40 GB for a price of 80 thousand and a promo parcel for Ramadan from "myprio X Gold" with an unlimited quota for a price of 100 thousand.


All of these packages can be obtained at more than 3,000 credit shops spread across districts in Demak, Pati, Kudus, Jepara, Rembang, Grobogan and Blora. The public can also visit the XL Center of Kudus located in the Complex of Sudirman Square B9 Jend Sudirman Street No 101 Kudus, Central Java. In addition, the public can go directly to the official distributor of XL Axiata products "CV. Multikomunika”scattered in Ruko Sudirman No B9 Jendral Sudirman Street No. 220 Kudus, Ruko GrahaMulyaNo 3 Dr Soesanto Street No. 109 Pati, Pemuda Street Ruko 8 Jepara, Demak – Kudus Highway No. 142A Demak, TentaraPelajar Street No 1B Blora, Dr Wahidin Street No 26 Tasik Agung Rembang, and HayamWuruk Street No 11, Ruko 4 of KalonganGrobogan. Internet card from XL and AXIS are also available in various supermarket, modern channel up to various other marketplaces.


 Especially for students, XL Axiata has also supported the distribution of data quotas to assist Long Distance Learning (PJJ) activities from last year to April 2021 to around 415,000 students and madrasah students in more than 3.400 schools up to madrasah spread across Demak to Blora. Based on the data recorded in the Ministry of Religion, in these seven regencies there are more than 970 Islamic boarding schools with a total of more than 115,000 students. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and Culture noted that there were more than 11,600 schools at the kindergarten to high school level with a total of more than 1.2 million students spread across the same area.

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