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Enhance Cybersecurity Measures XL Axiata Supported ITSEC Asia Collaboration - DEFEND IT360 Launched IntelliBroń Solution
XL Axiata fully supported DEFEND IT360's strategic initiatives as the exclusive partner of ITSEC Asia in promoting cybersecurity solutions tailored for SMEs. The partnership between these two companies holds significant strategic importance for XL Axiata Business Solutions in strengthening the delivery of cybersecurity services to B2B customers, including SMEs.

JAKARTA, MAY 29, 2024 - PT ITSEC Asia Tbk is proud to announce the launch of IntelliBroń, "Your Smart Cybersecurity Companion", in partnership with XL Axiata and Hypernet Technologies. DEFEND IT360 has been appointed as a Strategic Partner to market this product. IntelliBroń is an integrated cybersecurity system designed to address the current challenges in cybersecurity, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This collaboration also marks a strategic move for XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS) to enhance its cybersecurity solutions portfolio.


Joseph Edi Hut Lumban Gaol, President Director of PT ITSEC Asia Tbk, expressed that the launch of IntelliBroń signifies ITSEC Asia's dedication to developing accessible and widely usable information system security products.


"With over 400 million cyber anomalies recorded in Indonesia throughout 2023, a number expected to rise, the need for robust cybersecurity infrastructure across various industry sectors is becoming increasingly critical. These anomalies not only target large corporations but also small organizations and individuals. Our Research and Development team at ITSEC Asia has developed an innovative cybersecurity solution tailored to meet the essential needs of business operators, especially Small-Medium Enterprises (SME / Small and Medium Enterprises)," stated Joseph.


DEFEND IT360, a subsidiary of Hypernet and part of XL Axiata, specializes in providing cybersecurity solutions.


“Our experience in understanding the cybersecurity challenges faced by SMEs, from limited resources to evolving threats, encouraged us to collaborate with ITSEC Asia in marketing IntelliBroń. This cybersecurity solution is designed to empower SMEs, protect their digital assets from advanced threats, and allow for worry-free innovation and growth. With top-tier cyber protection, SMEs can concentrate on business development, boost competitiveness, and contribute more to the Indonesian economy," said Sudino Oei, CTO of Hypernet Technologies.


Feby Sallyanto, XL Axiata's Chief Enterprise Business Officer, expressed full support for DEFEND IT360's strategic role as ITSEC Asia's exclusive partner in marketing cybersecurity solutions for SMEs. The partnership is also strategic for XLABS in enhancing the provision of cybersecurity services for B2B customers, including SMEs.


"We believe ITSEC Asia is the ideal partner due to its comprehensive portfolio, extensive professional experience in the cybersecurity industry, and the expertise of its staff. This collaboration will be mutually beneficial and strengthen both businesses," added Feby.


Generally, SMEs lack cyber security experts and organizational awareness of cyber security and the risks of cyber attacks, making it challenging to develop comprehensive cyber security systems. Additionally, limited security budgets make it difficult to invest appropriately in cybersecurity measures. The complexity of available cyber security services further complicates decision-making for cyber security development.


When it comes to selecting the right cybersecurity solution, SMEs face very limited options. Currently, there is no cybersecurity solution that exclusively meets the needs of SME companies, especially from locally based cybersecurity service providers. To address these issues, IntelliBroń has been developed as a solution to the challenges faced by industries that rely on digital technology, particularly in the SME market that recognizes the importance of protecting digital assets. With essential features for a Threat Detection and Response System, IntelliBroń offers a highly cost-efficient solution.


IntelliBroń is a cybersecurity and early warning system designed to detect suspicious cyber anomalies through a monitoring dashboard called Bellatrix and a hardware component named Rigel. The Bellatrix dashboard allows IT personnel to monitor and analyze detected suspicious activities and document potential responses. Rigel, the Threat Detector hardware, is installed within the user's network to read, analyze, and detect network activity, both internal and external. Essentially, IntelliBroń monitors all cyber activity and traffic data within a company, providing real-time notifications if suspicious activity is detected. These alerts assist companies in determining appropriate mitigation steps.


Rasyid Sahputra, Head of Research & Development at PT ITSEC Asia Tbk, stated that IntelliBroń incorporates not only standard features but also cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. These advanced features enable IntelliBroń to distinguish between normal system activity, company traffic data, and suspicious cyber behavior.


With AI technology embedded in IntelliBroń, even companies without a specialized cybersecurity team can promptly identify and respond to cyber attack threats. The AI system has been programmed with information about suspicious activities, allowing it to learn and improve independently. Like CCTV for cyber activities, IntelliBroń monitors company systems and sends immediate notifications if irregularities are detected, helping SMEs take preventative steps.


Joseph Lumban Gaol emphasized that IntelliBroń is designed to meet SMEs' needs in terms of cost, utility, implementation, and necessary features. It aims to address the cybersecurity challenges faced by SMEs, supporting their operations with a more secure digital infrastructure. With its advanced features, technology, and user-friendly design, IntelliBroń can be a valuable partner for companies in combating cyber threats.

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