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Developing Eco-Friendly Digital Solutions XL Axiata Strengthens IoT and AI-Based Green Smart City Ecosystem
XL Axiata continues to strive to explore its resources and capabilities to be able to present digital technology-based solutions that can answer current and future challenges. Currently, XL Axiata Business Solutions has several digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Connectivity, which have become one Green Smart City ecosystem.

Jakarta, 9 December 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS) and X-CAMP continues to develop digital solution services with the latest technologies that are able to answer current and future challenges. As the trend of environmentally friendly movements continues to strengthen in the industrial world globally, XLABS is also working to develop digital solutions that can also encourage the application of environmentally friendly principles for various industrial sectors in Indonesia.


XL Axiata Director & Chief Technology Officer, I Gede Darmayusa said, "Welcoming calls from the government and various groups in Indonesia, for the industrial world to participate in supporting efforts to improve people's welfare and quality of life, XL Axiata also continues to strive to explore its resources and capabilities to be able to present digital technology-based solutions that can answer current and future challenges. One of them, we currently have several digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Connectivity, which have become one Green Smart City ecosystem.


Gede added, the digital solutions in the Green Smart City ecosystem presented by XLABS had previously passed the incubation period, and were realized by paying attention to environmental and sustainability aspects. And in the end, this ecosystem can be commercialized and used to meet the needs of industry in various sectors, as well as for government, and can even be used directly by the wider community. The Green Smart City concept was created by developing digital solution services that apply current technological trends towards Society 5.0, where technology not only talks about automation or smart things, but also how technology can influence people's quality of life for the better.



In the Green Smart City ecosystem presented by XL Axiata, the IoT and AI-based solutions available include:


  • HydroponiX

This solution is intended for hydroponic farming, which is able to provide uses in the form of a monitoring system, auto-feeding of nutrients, as well as monitoring the environmental temperature of the cultivation area. Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, PH levels, nutrient fluids, and other measurable factors that can determine the success of hydroponic farming can be monitored and regulated properly and according to needs through this Hydroponic IoT facility.


  • X-Maggot

This solution is for maggot cultivation, which has several features, such as environmental monitoring and temperature or humidity control at Black Soldier Fly (BSF) breeding locations. The benefits of this solution are to increase productivity, reduce operational costs and data sources for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to simplify planning, projections, up to the maintenance.


  • Temptrax

The solution for monitoring environmental temperature in cold chain-based industries so that the temperature remains by the desired conditions, is equipped with a monitoring dashboard (up to minus 55 degrees Celsius). This solution has various benefits, including minimizing degradation of product quality, guaranteeing product quality to reach consumers, notifications if temperature change anomalies occur, data sources for Big Data/AI purposes to facilitate planning, projections, and maintenance (already integrated with the IoT platform of Health Ministry – SMILE)


  • X-Shrimp

Aquaculture-based cultivation monitoring solution (vaname shrimp) uses pH, DO (Dissolved Oxygen), temperature, and salinity sensors. The system will automatically send a real-time pool water quality report to the pool owner/technician's smartphone. This solution can increase Shrimp Survival Rate (SR) to 95%, reduce electricity costs by up to 40%, and increase harvest yields by up to 20%, centralized management system, as well as data sources for Big Data/AI purposes to simplify planning, projections, and maintenance.


  • Poultrex

A solution for smart chicken farming, which is equipped with various sensors and actuators to make it easier for chicken breeders and entrepreneurs in cage maintenance operations. This solution features multi-stage fan automation with variable speed, heating and cooling system automation, alarm, and light system automation



  • X-Bright

Solutions for monitoring and controlling the condition of public street lighting and also asset management for regional/city government PJUs. This solution can indirectly reduce CO2 emissions, reduce electricity consumption, and has features for a simple and efficient maintenance process.


  • Pick A Park

AI-based solution to find out the number of vehicles and parking lot usage statistics. This solution can reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, increase time efficiency, and reduce electricity consumption.

  • X-Site

Solution for monitoring air temperature in the BTS device storage room by automatically controlling the cooling device (AC) according to standard limits. This solution can reduce BTS Tower electricity costs by up to 40%.

  • Xinergis

Digital solutions for energy efficiency in Industry. Various types of sensors are installed to monitor data on electric power consumption, electric voltage/current, water flow, and generator fuel. This solution controls energy use: electricity, water, and diesel, and minimizes leaks in energy use. The local government has data for industrial groundwater tax billing, a centralized management system, as well as data sources for big data/AI purposes to simplify planning, projections, and maintenance.


  • Hellomet

AI solutions for workplace monitoring are aimed at reducing the risk of workplace accidents and implementing automatic warning systems.


  • Smart Cluster

IoT solutions to reduce security and safety risks. This solution aims to overcome and mitigate risks while increasing security within the cluster.


  • Smart Desk

IoT solution equipped with office monitoring sensors that provide real-time data about room temperature, humidity, light intensity, and sound levels which can be monitored directly via the dashboard. This solution can increase efficiency for Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) monitoring.

  • Fleetech

IoT solutions for transportation fleet management. This solution can increase operational efficiency by analyzing driver behavior and fleet utilization for cost savings.


  • Flood management system

An IoT solution that automatically identifies and distributes flood-related information and predicts potential flooding. This solution can monitor real-time conditions at each sluice gate. Through analysis of the collected data, the decision-making process regarding flood mitigation can be carried out quickly and accurately.


  • Eye-Catching

AI Camera Crowd Detection System. IoT solution to manage capacity plans with reliable, cost-effective, and efficient statistical data. This solution can calculate crowds in a room based on the number of people entering and leaving, retrieve data in real-time, and data can be monitored and stored automatically.


XLABS has a long portfolio and experience in implementing digital solutions in various sectors. Apart from mastering technology, XLABS also always carries out research regarding innovative solutions through the X-CAMP IoT laboratory which has been certified by GSMA and has a human resources team that excels in managing digital solution services for corporate customers. More details about the solutions presented by XLABS can be seen at and information related to X-CAMP can be seen at



Signing of Cooperation for Green Smart City Realization


In order to further develop and strengthen the Green Smart City ecosystem based on IoT technology, XLABS collaborates with X-CAMP to establish cooperation with several strategic partners. In the event entitled "Unveiling XL IoT Ecosystem Lounge: Innovate, Elevate, and Integrate", a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed, and cooperation between XL Axiata and the Bandung Institute of Technology, IBM, PT Cahaya Mutiara Sentosa, PT Maggot Indonesia Lestari, and PT Xekar. The signing was carried out by the Director & Chief Technology Officer of XL Axiata, I Gede Darmayusa, Director of Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Center of ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Suhono Harso Supangkat, M.Eng, Business Development Executive-IBM, Donny Gunawan, CEO of PT. Cahaya Mutiara Sentosa, Edward Halim, CEO of PT. Maggot Indonesia Lestari, Markus Susanto and CEO of PT. Xekar, Ria Putri Sekarwidati in Jakarta on Friday (8/12).


With existing expertise, resources, and experience, XLABS as an ICT partner and trusted integrated ICT service provider is ready to fully support the acceleration of Indonesia's digital transformation. In its implementation, XLABS has collaborated with several industries that have used digital solutions resulting from collaboration with X-Camp and XL Future Leaders, including:



  • IoT Solution of X-Maggot by PT Maggot Indonesia Lestari,  PT Magalarva Sayana Indonesia, PT Java Protein Indonesia
  • IoT Solution of HydroponiX and Xinergis, by PT Cahaya Mutiara Sentosa, Serua Farm, Urban Living Farm
  • IoT Solution of Temptrax and Fleetech by PT Wirantono Baru and PT Bimasakti Utama
  • IoT Solution of X-Bright by Tasikmalaya Communication and Informatics Services


In terms of experience, XLABS has helped several city/regency governments in digitalization efforts in their respective regions. XLABS has supported the implementation of digital technology within the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to deal with flooding problems through the Jakarta Smart City program. In this project, XL Axiata implemented "IoT Flood Monitoring" to monitor water levels at several main points that influence the potential for flooding. This technology provides benefits in the form of real-time river sensors with monitoring systems, reliable connectivity, smart city dashboards, as well as big data and analytics.


Apart from that, XLABS has also helped the Bengkulu City Government in pioneering the smart city program. In this city, public street lighting that applies IoT has been successfully implemented. With digitalization, street lighting operations can take place efficiently and effectively, including when they turn on and off, the brightness level of the lights, and their energy use. In Bengkulu too, the "IoT Thermal Imaging" solution has been implemented to measure body temperature for placement in offices. This solution has been implemented in office buildings to prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases.

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