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Assisting Flood-Affected Individuals in Central Java: XL Axiata Extends Aid to Grobogan, Demak, and Kudus Communities
Despite floods in Grobogan, Demak, and Kudus, XL Axiata ensures network stability by implementing network engineering. This allows nearby BTSs to serve the affected areas. Additionally, preventive measures such as relocating equipment to higher ground and redesigning BTS shelters have been undertaken to mitigate risks.

Demak, 23 February 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) distributed donations to flood victims in Grobogan, Demak and Kudus, Central Java. Donations were distributed in the form of essential items such as rice, eggs, sugar, cooking oil, packaged fish, bottled drinking water, and light medicines. Donations were handed directly to local representatives spread across each location, starting February 19, 2024. Along with this distribution, the company also ensures the operation of over 1,080 4G BTS to serve the locals around these areas.


The XL Axiata team distributed donations to eight locations in Cingkrong and Candidukuh Villages, Grobogan. In Kudus, there are two locations in Kaliwungu and two in Undaan Kidul Village. Then in Demak, donations were given to Kedungwaru Kidul Village, Cangkring Karanganyar Village, and Sedo Genting Village. The aid distribution will continue throughout this week.


Group Head Central Region XL Axiata, Arif Farhan Budiyanto, stated, "As part of the Central Java community, we feel the need to help residents affected by floods in Grobogan, Demak, and Kudus. We anticipate the floodwaters will subside shortly, allowing for the restoration of normalcy in people's lives."


Arif added that XL Axiata is collaborating with to distribute and ensure that the donations reach the intended recipients, to flood victims in Grobogan, Demak, and Kudus Regencies. The XL Axiata team will continue monitoring the situation in affected communities.



Ensure the Network Gradually Recovers


During emergency situations like today, it’s crucial to ensure that telecommunications and data services remain operational as they serve as the primary means of communication for the community, victims, and disaster response officials. Currently, there are over 1,080 4G BTS deployed across Grobogan, Demak, and Kudus.


Despite the flood disasters affecting parts of Central Java, customer service can still be sustained. Although some of XL Axiata's network infrastructure has been affected, particularly by power outages, preemptive measures such as deploying generators have been taken. The field team is working diligently to address the challenges posed by the flooding and terrain conditions.


"The diligent efforts of our technical team minimized the number of BTS affected by floods. Currently, only a small fraction of the BTS in the flood-affected areas remain uncovered due to submersion. For other cities/regencies in Central Java, we ensure normal operations," said Arif further.


Arif also mentioned that network performance in flood-affected areas in Grobogan, Demak, and Kudus remains stable. This is achieved through network engineering strategies that enable nearby BTS to continue serving these areas. Additionally, XL Axiata has implemented various preventive measures, such as relocating essential equipment to higher ground and redesigning BTS shelters to withstand flooding.


In unavoidable flood situations, the technical team ensures power availability at affected BTS sites and prepares portable generators as backup for those experiencing power outages. Meanwhile, during floods, the XL Axiata field team works tirelessly, day and night, to quickly assess flooded BTS locations and those inaccessible due to flooding, ensuring network restoration.

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