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Assist the Government Introduce Electronic Medical Records (RME) in Healthcare Sector XL Axiata – Alita Collaborated to Launch “XL Axiata Healthy Access” Solution
The XL Axiata Access Sehat is a portable health device, backed by intelligent AIoT solutions and XL Axiata’s broadband network. It’s designed for use in various healthcare facilities across Indonesia, including community health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, and even offices, to aid in the early detection and prevention of diseases.

JAKARTA, MARCH 10, 2024. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes) has introduced Minister of Health Regulation (PMK) number 24 of 2022, concerning medical records. Through this policy, healthcare facilities are required to adopt an integrated electronic patient medical records system linked with the Ministry of Health's "SatuSehat" Platform. In line with this directive, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS) in collaboration with Alita Praya Mitra (Alita) launched "XL Axiata Access Sehat", a connectivity service and smart facilitating Electronic Medical Records (RME) in the healthcare sector.


Feby Sallyanto, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of XL Axiata, together with Teguh Prasetya, the President Director of PT Alita Praya Mitra, held a launch ceremony for XL Axiata Access Sehat in Jakarta, Friday (8/3). This launch signifies a new step toward enhancing wider support to access and the quality of healthcare services across Indonesia.


Feby Sallyanto stated, "It is very important to have equal internet access in Indonesia, particularly in supporting governmental initiatives in providing healthcare service in healthcare facilities. The XL Axiata Health Access solution we’re presenting represents a tangible effort to support inclusive internet access programs and enhance healthcare services."


Meanwhile, XL Axiata's Group Head of Enterprise Product and Marketing, Sharif Lukman Mahfoedz, highlighted that the XL Axiata Health Access solution actively promotes digitalization in the healthcare sector by integrating technology. XL Axiata Health Access is a collaboration that combines internet connectivity and smart solutions into one package to enhance the accessibility and quality of health services in Indonesia.

In an era where technology is essential for providing quality healthcare services, XLABS and Alita, a system integrator company specializing in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) solutions, are establishing an ecosystem that supports health, economic, and digital growth globally.


President Director of PT Alita Praya Mitra, Teguh Prasetya, emphasized, "Fast and stable internet connections are significant for the digital economy’s growth. The use of health solutions are essential not only in hospitals, but also in other healthcare facilities like Community Health Centers and Posyandu, serving as the frontline for preventive measures and early disease detection in communities. Alita remains committed to collaborating to develop accessible solutions for all Indonesians."


The collaboration between XLABS, Alita, and other stakeholders marks an important step in accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia's healthcare sector.


Setiaji, Expert Staff for Health Technology and Chief Digital Transformation Office (DTO) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, expressed in a virtual speech that the XL Axiata Healthy Access solution is anticipated to greatly enhance the accessibility and quality of healthcare services nationwide.


"XL Axiata Business Solutions and Alita can collaborate to explore innovative smart healthcare technologies. These innovations aim to facilitate easier and more affordable access to quality healthcare services for all segments of society. Their smart solutions focus on efficient information integration and communication between healthcare providers and patients, fostering more coordinated and effective care.”


XL Axiata Healthy Access Benefits


XL Axiata Access Sehat is a portable medical device that is supported by smart solutions based on artificial intelligence and IoT (AIoT) as well as XLABS’ broadband connectivity. It’s not just a gadget, it’s also XL Axiata’s commitment to support the government in implementing Electronic Medical Records (RME) in the healthcare sector. This device is designed for healthcare facilities across Indonesia, from community health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, and even by offices, to aid in the early detection and prevention of diseases.


XL Axiata Access Sehat work system:

  • XL Axiata Access Sehat contains tools for thorough patient health assessments.
  • Data seamlessly travels from the device to the healthcare worker app via Bluetooth.
  • Health data is recorded by the app and sent to the cloud server through XLABS’ gigabit internet network.
  • Patients gain instant access to their medical records results via the app.


Advantages and benefits of XL Axiata Access Sehat:

  • Health check results are effortlessly recorded.
  • Integrated with RME Health institutions.
  • Analysis of community disease risks.
  • Remote counseling.
  • Portable device that is easy to carry anywhere.



Two XL Axiata Access Healthy Solution Packages are on offer:

1. XL Axiata Healthy Access Package + internet access with speeds up to 500 Mbps.

2. XL Axiata Healthy Access Package + internet access with speeds up to 1 Gbps.


Here’s what you get by subscribing to the XL Axiata Healthy Access Package:

  • Enjoy Bandwidth 500 Mbps/1 Gbps.
  • Receive XL Axiata Access Sehat device set.
  • XL Axiata IoT Platform Healthy Access.
  • Warranty & maintenance support


Currently there’s a special promotion for subscribing to XL Axiata Access Sehat, offering *1 month free until April 12, 2024. *terms and Conditions apply.


Since its launch, XL Axiata Access Sehat has been adopted by two hospitals in Manado, North Sulawesi: ODSK Hospital of North Sulawesi Province and the Robert Wolter Monginsidi Hospital. The aim is for XL Axiata Healthy Access to be increasingly utilized by healthcare providers across Indonesia in the future.


For further information regarding XL Axiata Healthy Access, you can go to:

E-mail: [email protected]


App: MyXL (iOS & Android)

Live chat feature:

24 hour call center: 820 (only XL) and 021-57959817 (other than XL)

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