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Eruption of Mount Lewotobi, East Nusa Tenggara XL Axiata Provided Relief to Residents

Flores,  February 7th 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) recently distributed essential aid to those affected by the eruption of Mount Lewotobi Laki in East Flores Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The aid included basic daily necessities such as rice, instant noodles, eggs, canned food, and cooking oil.Representatives from XL Axiata directly delivered the aid to victims in the refugee camps located in

Titehena District on Thursday (1/2).


The Group Head of XL Axiata East Region, Dodik Ariyanto, expressed, "XL Axiata is concerned about the eruption disaster of Mount Lewotobi in East Flores Regency, which has an impact on residents forced to evacuate to safer areas around the mountain. This assistance reflects XL Axiata's concern for the people of East Flores Regency. The emergency aid that we provide was coordinated with local authorities, aiming to ease the victim’s burdens. Hopefully this eruption will cease soon so that people can resume their normal activities."


Dodik added that XL Axiata has confirmed that its secure network remained largely unaffected and operated normally during the disaster. With approximately 39 4G BTS in East Flores Regency, the technical team monitors network conditions to ensure that data services are available for people to stay connected with their families.


Since the eruption of Mount Lewotobi on Wednesday, January 10 2024, which remains active and on

alert status, thousands of residents in several sub-districts within the danger zone have evacuated to

safer areas. XL Axiata provided assistance to refugee camps for disaster victims in 5 sub-districts, including Wulanggitang, Titehena, Demon Pagong, Larantuka, and Ile Mandiri.


Currently, XL Axiata services which serve customers are supported by a widespread 4G data network

across East Nusa Tenggara. XL Axiata has over 1,700 BTS, including more than 850 4G BTS. Up to this point, XL Axiata is committed to continually enhancing and expanding its network to meet the needs of the people in NTT.

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