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Live.On: New Digital Telco Brand Giving Customers Full Power Over Data

Jakarta, October 5 2020 - Answering telco customers’ needs to enjoy data on their own terms, PT XL Axiata, Tbk. delightfully introduces the full launch of Live.On - a brand new, completely digital telecommunications brand that gives customers exactly what they’re looking for - total power over their data. 

The launch of Live.On also marks the 24th anniversary of XL Axiata. Entering an increasingly mature age, XL Axiata strengthens its commitment to always support national development through the telematics sector, including by encouraging the birth of innovative services that can support the productivity of the Indonesian people. XL Axiata is also fully aware that during this pandemic, telematics products and services are one of the main pillars of various activities at all levels of society.

Abhijit Navalekar, Director for Corporate Strategy & Business Development, XL Axiata said,  “We’re stepping up the game by changing the status quo. It's time to truly offer customers what they need. This is not just about offering a digital experience, but about redefining how data should be enjoyed.

The Indonesian telco landscape right now is dominated by unlimited data packages , and though these may be appealing to a large segment of the market, for the digitally-savvy netizen who wants an uncompromised data experience, these offers leave a lot of pain points unaddressed. 

Telco customers in Indonesia today have to deal with a number of issues when it comes to unlimited data packages . 
1)    Majority of the current quota-based prepaid services have data buckets imposed on them 
2)    While telcos mention the use of unlimited data, this option comes with either a) a compromise on speed or b) usage on selected apps only
3)    The plans often come with fair usage policy (FUP)
4)    The package benefits often change every month, making it hard for customers to keep track of data allocation, talktime and SMS
5)    The lack of low data reminders lead to a sudden disconnection from the data packages 

To accommodate these sorts of restrictions, customers have to deal with the complexity of having multiple SIM cards for different purposes. 

Indonesia has one of the highest number of internet users in the world with over 185 million active internet users. With an internet penetration of 68% , these users consume 5-30GB of data a month (Live.On Industry Research, 2020).
Live.On aims to solve these problems for Indonesian consumers by bringing them an uncompromised big data package  experience and giving them the power to influence the way telcos work.

“Live.On is built to serve the young, professional, heavy data user, who consumes more than the average amount of data used per month. This type of customer does not mind paying a premium for an easy, compromise-free, big quota data package offer. We’re talking about customers with the need for constant connectivity and instant information. Especially today, where people are required to remain productive despite working from home, the need for uncompromising, high data packages is becoming increasingly relevant. Live.On gives power back to customers, allowing them to live their digital lives on their own terms”.

The digital telco offers two affordable, high value data packages. Both come with complete freedom and flexibility along with a premium network that they can trust. 

The plans include one big quota for all apps, networks and time bands with uncompromised speeds, data rollover of up to 1,000 GB and a 100% digital experience that lets customers order, pay, activate control plan and reach out to a real customer service representative (not a bot!), all in one app. 

They also come with a free 3GB of emergency quota built in to avoid sudden data disconnection and a customization feature with various add-ons. 

Being a prepaid service, Live.On does not operate with pulsa, offering customers more transparency as well as freeing them from the hassle of topping up. 

Power On 25GB High Data Package: IDR 80,000

Live.On’s Power On 25GB base package offers 
●    25GB data valid at all times, across all apps, networks and time bands
●    Data rollover up to 1,000 GB
●    20 minutes anynet calls (including landlines and premium lines)
●    20 SMS to any network
●    A built-in 3GB of Emergency Quota at a managed speed (1280kbps) for when quota is finished

Power Full 50GB High Data Package : IDR 125,000

Live.On’s Power Full 50GB base package offers
●    50GB data valid at all times, across all apps, networks and time bands
●    Data rollover up to 1,000GB
●    20 minutes anynet calls (including landlines and premium lines)
●    20 SMS to any network
●    A built-in 3GB of Emergency Quota at a managed speed (128kbps) for when quota is finished

For those who want even more data, calls or SMSes at an affordable price, Live.On customers can simply activate add-ons on top of their base package as a one-off purchase directly from the app. 

Since its commercial launch on 17 August, Live.On is proud to announce that it has a 99% delivery success rate, and have 100% of its customers satisfied with CSAT scores. 

Currently, 1 in 3 customers are from referrals, with a 5% conversion rate from users to customers. Giving customers more delights, Customers will get 5GB of data FREE each time they have successfully referred a friend to sign up for Live.On with their unique referral code. In exchange, the friend they refer will get a Rp.15,000 direct discount off of their new SIM card purchase. 

Shopee is Live.On’s Exclusive Ecommerce Partner, allowing a fast and easy alternative for SIM card orders, add-on purchases and plan renewal. A special flash sale offer is available exclusively for customers who order their Live.On SIM card via Shopee on a limited time only. Daniel Minardi, Head of Brands Management Shopee Indonesia adds, “As a technology-based company, this is one of our commitments to provide a variety of products that make it easy for customers to access the technology itself. Shopee is very honored to be chosen as e-commerce partner to Live.On to launch their products in Indonesia. We hope to help Live.On to reach a wider audience with Shopee.” 

To further delight customers, free delivery is available for all SIM card purchases on both Live.On website and Shopee.

24/7 Power for You Promotion
In conjunction with XL Axiata’s 24th anniversary week, a special promotional program is available for new Live.On customers. There are two promo activities happening: a IDR 24,000 discount is available for all customers who purchase any of the Live.On’s starter pack in a timed Shopee Flash Sale promotion throughout 5th - 8th of October 2020. Meanwhile, all customers who continuously renew their plans starting from October 2020 to April 2021 will receive a FREE 7GB bonus data per month for 7 consecutive months. For more information about the promotions, please visit

Digital experience
Live.On offers a 100% contactless and hassle free digital experience that enables customers to simply order and select a lucky number online in two minutes. They will receive their SIM card delivered on the same day*. After receiving their SIM, customers can activate their number through the Live.On app. Customers can also customize their experience through the Live.On app, selecting add-on features of their choice. If they have queries they can contact real-person customer service representatives through the in-app Live Chat function. They can also monitor their data usage at any time.  

*Same day delivery services are currently available to the JADETABEK area only. 

Visit to learn more and order your SIM!

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