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Laut Nusantara Application Has New Feature Facilitates Fishermen to Catch Fish with High Economic Value

Jakarta, January 29th 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) and the Marine Research and Observation Centre (BROL) of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) continue to develop Laut Nusantara application so that it can provide greater benefits for Indonesian fishermen. The latest development results are in the form of a new feature that is able to show the existence of three types of fish with high economic value, namely Lemuru Bali, Big Eye Tuna, and Skipjack. This feature can be used by fishermen this January 2021.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata, Marwan O Baasir, said, "We will continue to strive to increase the benefits of Laut Nusantara application by presenting a new feature that can help fishermen to be more productive. This new feature can guide fishermen to get fishes with high economic value, which are known difficult to catch. Of course we hope this new feature can help fishermen to increase their income."

Based on trials in a number of locations conducted by BROL, the level of accuracy of information on the distribution of tuna and skipjack is quite high, about 60% to 80%, depending on the fishing season conditions. This means, based on the instructions and information provided, the opportunities for fishermen to get these types of fish are quite large.

According to Head of BROL, Dr. Teja Arief Wibawa, this new feature works based on data from the Marine Research Laboratory managed by BROL. The results showed that each type of fish has its own preferences or habitat suitability which affects the fish life patterns, including migration, breeding, and eating habits.

Armed with this knowledge, BROL conducted habitat modelling for tuna, skipjack and lemuru. The sea conditions that are used as the basis for modelling analysis are not only sea surface conditions regarding temperature and chlorophyll, but have already considered environmental conditions in the swimming layer of these fishes which include sub-surface temperature, salinity and currents.

“Tuna and Skipjack are among the types of fish with high market demand. In 2017, Indonesia supplied more than 16% of the world's Tuna and Skipjack production. Therefore, both fishes and Tongkol have become priority programs in the fishing sector by KKP. Meanwhile, Lemuru is a typical and specific fish in Bali strait, which also has high economic value," added Teja Arief.

Utilized by 5,000 Fishermen

Since it was first launched in 2018, Laut Nusantara application has been introduced to fishing communities in various regions. XL Axiata and BROL have conducted outreach in 28 cities/regencies, in collaboration with the local governments. A total of more than 5,400 fishermen have attended training and dissemination on the use of the Laut Nusantara application. They also received smartphone devices that had installed Laut Nusantara application and data packages from XL Axiata.

Now more and more fishing communities are using Laut Nusantara application. Not only those who get dissemination, but many fishermen know about the benefits of this application from communication between fishermen communities, from news in the mass media and social media. Therefore, it is recorded that there are more than 45 thousand accounts that have used this application, which are spread across almost all of Indonesia.

Laut Nusantara application now has reached Phase 4 development stage. This application is a digital application aimed at traditional fishermen who usually use traditional equipments and operate no more than 20 miles from the coastline. 

In addition to accurate data regarding the approximate location of fishes, in this application fishermen can also get information on marine weather data related to wind speed and wave height, fuel calculations, and feature for emergency calls. In addition, there is also a chat feature that can be used by fishermen to get information about the price of caught fish in the market.

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